Mobile Casinos in Romania June 2024

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Mobile Casinos in Romania

There are currently no Romanian based mobile casinos serving their market, however, foreign based mobile casinos are available and sometimes even offer their services in Romanian. Romanian gambling law changes attempted to make this illegal, but they are currently under challenge by the EU. Mobile penetration is high (134% in August 2012), and there are 4 main providers: Orange (10.2 million subscribers), Vodafone (8.1 million), Cosmote (6.1 million) and Digi.Mobil. Most households have a Digi.Mobil in place of a landline, with good rates offered by RCS&RDS for internet and phone packages. These phones are very basic however, and with only 2 possible ringtones, you can hear them throughout all major cities. They also offer no roaming or internet capabilities, so most households also have another mobile from one of the other providers. Smartphone penetration is under 20%, with most owners being of the mobile middle classes. With disposable incomes growing, Romanian mobile casinos should start appearing in the next few years, legal issues depending.