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The Best Online Gambling Sites in Uzbekistan - 2019

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Gambling in Uzbekistan

Gambling is pretty much prohibited in Uzbekistan in any form. The gradual phasing out of gambling from the country commenced in 2002, when billiard was banned. Naturally, billiard is not even considered a full-blown form of gambling, but this is a great example how serious the Uzbekistan leadership was about the industry in general.

The leading party stated that gambling and its development do not correspond to the spirit of Uzbek people and is a strong stimulus of criminal activity.

Later on in 2003-2004 a law has been enacted to govern the remaining gambling establishments in the country, which pretty much came down to slot halls where money could be won. However, in 2007 Uzbek President issued a special decree banning these last remaining slot halls, and that was the end of legal gambling in Uzbekistan.

Online gambling in Uzbekistan

Since gambling is prohibited in Uzbekistan, the only way for the local residents to exercise their gambling desires is seek online ways to play. Naturally, online gambling is not legal in the country either, but local population manages to find ways to access foreign-based gambling websites and play there.

Interactive clubs are another way for Uzbeks to access online gambling. These types of clubs exist in almost all former USSR republics, and their legal status is questionable in most of them.

The clubs offer computers with internet access connected to a range of online casinos, where gambling can be exercised. Naturally, such a setup is illegal in Uzbekistan and these clubs and their owners are heavily pursued by the authorities. Their numbers are diminishing and it could very well happen so that the interactive clubs will become a thing of the past in Uzbekistan very soon.