Online Gambling Sites in Colombia - July 2024

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Gambling Laws in Colombia

Gambling in Colombia is legal in all of its variety. The Colombian Constitution in article 336 gives an exclusive right to the state to exploit the monopoly on games of chance in the country. In accordance with the Law of Own Regime (Law 643) from 2001 (Ley 643 de 2001), the state administers casinos, bingos, online lotto, and betting. Within the Colombian gambling legislation, the Agreement No.4 from 24th of May 2016 is considered to be central for the regulation of online gambling, as it is the act that for the first time regulated online gambling in the country. Thus, according to this act, all forms of online gambling are legal in Colombia.  The regulatory body of the land-based gambling activities in the country, with the exception of lotto games, is Coljuegos, an institution closely linked to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. It was formed by Decree 4142 of November 3, 2011, as a decentralized company of the state, with the objectives to exploit, administer, operate and issue regulations regarding the games of chance. The legal functioning of the online gambling sector is supervised by the same body. Besides its function as supervisor, Coljuegos is the official body that grants licenses to all Colombian casinos, sportsbooks, or other types of gambling providers, brick and mortar as well as online. On the other side, the organization of lotto games is supervised by the National Council of Games of Chance (Consejo Nacional de Juegos de Suerte y Azar-CNJSA) and the National Health Superintendence  (La Superintendencia Nacional de Salud) According to Colombian gambling laws minors, under 18 years of age are prohibited to participate in gambling activities.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Colombia?

Yes, all forms of online gambling are legal in Colombia.

Online Casinos in Colombia

Online casinos in Colombia amount to several licensed providers most of which offer other types of gambling games besides the classical casino games. The Bogota based E-total Gaming, which was created as a merger of the local Vicca casino group and the online platform Gaming1, is holder of the Colombian online casino license. In the casino rooms they offer, one can choose to play a variety of games belonging to several categories: slot games, roulette, table games as well as video poker. Foreign internet casino sites are not available in the country.

Online Poker in Colombia

Poker in Colombia is a very popular pastime, with most of the casinos regularly offering attractive poker tournaments. Regarding online poker, however, there are no specific Colombian online poker laws, but the general regulations apply and online poker is also considered to be legal in the country. There are no specialized online poker sites in Colombia, as of March 2019. Sites such as Zamba which is owned by the E-total Gaming is among the most popular sites in the country offering an online poker in Colombia. Foreign online poker sites are prohibited from accessing the gambling market in the country.

Online Lottery in Colombia

There are around 15 state-licensed providers for all sorts of lotto games in the country, some of them also organizing the online lottery in Colombia. The functioning of the whole lotto sector is overseen by the National Council of Games of Chance (CNJSA) and the National Health Superintendence (SNS).  Corredor Empresarial, a company licensed to offer online lotto games on the Colombian market, organizes some of the most popular lotto games in Colombia. Currently most widely played are Baloto and the Super Astro game which appears with two types of draws: Super Astro Sol y Super Astro Luna. Foreign lotto sites are prohibited from accessing the lotto market in Colombia.

Online Bingo in Colombia

Although there are no specific Colombian online bingo laws, the general gambling legislation serves as a basic legal framework within which various operators offer their bingo products. However, none of them has launched a specialized site for online bingo in Colombia, as of March 2018. Bingo rooms licensed elsewhere cannot be legally accessed from Colombia.

Online Sports Betting in Colombia

Online sports betting in the country is regulated with the Law of Own Regime (Law 643) from 2001 (Ley 643 de 2001). There are several online sportsbook sites in Colombia,  as of August 2020, which are considered to be among the leading betting providers in South and Central America. The sites provide a wide variety of possibilities for betting such as fixed odds betting, live betting, totalizator games, etc. Besides the possibility to access their sites through personal computers, most Colombian licensed betting platforms offer special apps for smartphones making them even more accessible to bettors. Foreign internet sportsbook sites are actively being blocked by the authorities.

Online Daily Fantasy Sports in Colombia

Online DFS sites in Colombia do not have a legally regulated status. There is an ongoing debate on the status of this type of game, but considering the legality of online sports betting in the country it is very probable that internet Daily Fantasy Sports would soon receive a legal status in Colombia.