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Gambling in Cuba

Even though gambling was a significant part of Cuban tradition, casinos are currently blacklisted on the Caribbean island. Formerly, the country was popular for its astounding Casino destinations . But in 1959 he situation turned over, as the Prime Minister Fidel Castro abolished all legalized gambling and betting activities. Following Castro`s restrictions, the city of Havana lost its outstanding rank amongst casino destination. The current Cuban gambling laws still prohibit all forms of gambling. Nowadays, with President Obama`s friendly moves towards the country, there is a ray of hope for the reintroduction of legal casino`s.

Online Gambling in Cuba

Just like land-based gambling, its online counterpart is eliminated in Cuba, too. Those who attempt to bypass the prohibitions are looking forward to severe punishments. Perhaps if the legalization of casino`s comes about, online casino`s will be able to open, too. Although, as numerous world-wide examples demonstrate most countries are ambivalent about online gambling regulations.