Online Bingo Sites in Gabon - June 2024

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Online Bingo in Gabon

Beside the widely popular land-based bingo games in the country, there not many sites offering online bingo in Gabon.  Some of the websites that do offer, mainly provide this services through the granting of a casino or lotto license.  However, the bingo offer in Gabon is not limited only to the domestically licensed providers. There are plenty of international online bingo websites that accept players from Gabon. Most of these platforms belong to the “giants” in the African bingo industry, offering an impressive selection of bingo games, user friendly platforms as well as plenty of exclusive online bingo promotions.
Is online bingo legal in Gabon? Yes.
Are there trustworthy bingo sites accepting players from Gabon? Yes.
Can I deposit via PaySafeCard/Skrill/Trustly?  Yes.
Do online bingo sites accept CFA? Some.

Online Bingo Laws in Gabon

There are no special online bingo laws in Gabon, but the general act, the Law 024/2005 of 29 April 2005 (Loi no 24/2004 du 29/04/2005 portant autorisation d’exploitation et réglementation des jeux de hasard en République Gabonaise), which makes online gambling legal in the country makes also legal the operation of online bingo providers in Gabon.  However, the specter of online bingo games available for playing in Gabon is not limited only to the domestic providers. Foreign sites offering online bingo have reported that many players from Gabon take part in games available at their online platforms. What makes these sites even more attractive for bingo players from Gabon is not only their high quality but also the rich variety of online bingo bonuses they provide for their customers.

Online Bingo Payment Methods in Gabon

Online gambling operators accepting players from Gabon aim at establishing strong ties between them and their customers by providing them with the necessary safety in every aspect of the games. For this purpose, they offer secured payment options mainly relying on the use of credit and debit cards such as VISA and MasterCard. However, there are also other options to deposit and withdraw money from their websites which include Skrill, PaySafeCard, Trustly or Neteller. For more information on these other payment options check out our online bingo reviews directory.

Online Bingo Sites Accepting CFA 

Most sites for online bingo accepting players from Gabon count as online bingo sites accepting CFA . This also favors Gabon ’s gamblers, as they are able to play without any conversion fees and certainly secure a better management of their e-wallets. However, in case you are using an online bingo site which does not support CFA, it is recommended to set up an e-wallet account on the currencies supported by the site in order to minimize the frequency of applying exchange fees.

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