2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Predictions Foresee India to Win

  • India and England are favored by 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup predictions
  • Australia wants to retain their title from 2015
  • The West Indies are hopeful underdogs this year!
ICC Cricket World Cup Predictions
England hope to win at home, but India are the bookie-favourites...

India and England are the biggest favorites according to all ICC Cricket World Cup predictions. India’s chances are rated at 11/4 by 1xBET Sportsbook, while the odds for England to win are slightly lower: 9/4. However, Australia will hope to retain their title. Their odds are 5/1. Can anyone else have a word among the greatest of the greatest?

Every fourth year, the International Cricket Council organizes the ICC Cricket World Cup. In 2015, the event was held in Australia. Back then, the home team won the tournament, beating New Zealand in the final. Australia beat India in the semi-final that year. England didn’t make it through the group phase.

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2019 ICC Cricket World Cup predictions
Rank Team Odds
#1 England 15/8
#2 India 3/1
#3 Australia 83/25
#4 Windies 14/1

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This year, these two teams are the biggest favourites to win, according to all ICC Cricket World Cup predictions. The odds for Australia to retain the championship are 5/1 and South Africa is ranked #4 by Indian online sports betting sites. The tournament hosts are England and Wales. The 2019 ICC World Cup kicks off on 30 May and will last until 14 July.  Chek out Gamingzion’s 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup predictions and betting tips and bet on the winner!

Bet on India to win ICC Cricket World Cup 2019!

Cricket is a national sport in India. No wonder their cricket team is among the best in history. India has been Cricket world champions twice before. In addition, they took a silver medal as well, back in 2003. They have not been able to show their superiority in the past two tournaments, but this year’s event might be different.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 India
India won the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011. Can they win again next year?

India seeks their third trophy, and they have good chances for that. At least if we check the ICC Cricket World Cup predictions. They have the best odds at online sportsbooks in India. They hope to take back the throne from Australia and where better than in the United Kingdom? England and Wales host the tournament. Perfect place for India to teach them a lesson.

England are also favouriutes by Cricket World Cup predictions

ICC Cricket World Cup Predictions England
Bangladesh knocked England out in 2015!

It’s not too easy to find odds why one should bet on England to win ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. England has never won the Cricket World Championship before. The last time they were even near, was in 1992. They lost the final to Pakistan. They’ve lost another final to the Windies and another to Australia in 1979 and 1987 respectively.

Still, ICC Cricket World Cup predictions suggest they are the favourite for next year’s title. That is because they will host the event, together with Wales. England hosted once before, back in 1979. They lost the final. They hope to reach the final this year as well, but with a different outcome, obviously. Their odds are 9/4.

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2019 ICC Cricket World Cup underdogs
Rank Team Odds
#1 South Africa 9/1
#2 New Zealand 10/1
#3 Pakistan 20/1
#4 Sri Lanka 80/1
#5 Bangladesh 80/1
#6 Afghanistan 100/1

ICC Cricket World Cup predictions are against the title-holders…

Australia has been dominating the world of cricket these past two decades. They have won 5 out of the past 5 ICC Cricket World Cups. The years 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015 were all theirs. That’s why the 5/1 odds for Australia to win ICC Cricket World Cup seems to be a gift at the moment.

They will arrive at the UK as title-holders as well as the most successful team in the history of cricket. Australia has been king of the world 5 times, and they also got the silver medal twice. It’s never a bad choice to bet on Australis to win the WC, despite what ICC Cricket World Cup predictions say about them.

Bet on the West Indies to win the World Cup!

Another place where cricket is a popular sport is the Caribbean area. The West Indies – the Windies – is a multinational team made up of English-speaking people from the Caribbean territory. They have won the first two ICC Cricket World Cups in 1975 and 1979. ICC Cricket World Cup predictions don’t give them good chances as their odds are 22/1. Do you think they can upset the odds and win again in 2019?

Home team Away team Date & Time Location
Match 1 England  vs South Africa 30 May, 11:30 (CEST) London
Match 2 West Indies vs Pakistan 31 May, 11:30 (CEST) Nottingham
Match 4 Afghanistan vs Australia 1 June, 14:30 (CEST) Bristol
Match 8 South Africa vs India 5 June, 11:30 (CEST) Southampton

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 kicks off on 30 May, 2019. You have some time left to analyze the chances. England will play against South Africa in the opening game. The Windies debut on Matchday 2 against Pakistan. Join 1xBET Sportsbook and bet on cricket!

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