7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Sports Betting Site

There are thousands of online sportsbooks out there, it’s not easy to pick the perfect one. We give you 7 tips to find the best sports betting site and maximize your winnings

how to choose the best sports betting site
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Before buying a car, you do proper research and pick the one that fits all your needs. You should do the same when looking for online sportsbooks. These tips will help you choose the best sports betting sites with the most trustable license, the fastest payout, and the most favorable odds.

7 Tips to choose the best sports betting site

  1. Check the gambling license
  2. Find the best banking methods
  3. Look for a good Customer Service
  4. Bet with the the best odds
  5. Take advantage of promotions and bonuses never hurt anybody
  6. Be confident with the user interface
  7. Use mobile-friendly sportsbooks

1. Online sports betting license  tells all about trustworthiness

Online sports betting is like doing business. You can’t do business if there is no trust. A tell-tale sign about the online sportsbook site’s trustworthiness is the gambling license. All sports betting sites must state which gambling license they are registered under on their main page. It is a must – if they don’t, forget the site!

Many sports betting sites are registered under the Curacao or the Malta Gaming Authority (also known as MGA). A license with these names is a guarantee. First of all, because it’s quite costly to register a sports betting site with them. If the site can afford to register with the Curacao Authority or the MGA, you can be sure they can afford to pay your winnings as well. Secondly, they don’t give license to just about anybody. They have high standards. Sports betting sites are only granted license if they meet all their requirements – including fund protection as well. Again, to make sure the site pays you as soon as you win.

2. The right banking methods can save you a lot on online money transfers

You can save a lot of money if you take the time to find the sports betting site that offers the right banking methods for you. To deposit money, you can use your VISA/MasterCard/Maestro card, you can deposit via bank transfer or you can use various online banking systems, such as Skrill or PayPal. Bank transfer takes a few days usually, while the rest should appear on your account instantly. Make sure you check how much your bank charges for online transfers and compare the fees of online payment services.

Find out in what currency your online sports betting site will have your account. If you transfer money in a different currency, you’ll lose money both on the bank’s and on the sportsbook’s exchange rates. If your desired online sportsbook does not offer an account in your currency, use an online money transfer to send money instead of a bank transfer as the latter usually charge extortionate fees.

It’s important to check if the site itself takes any commission fees on your deposits and/or withdrawals. You also want to know what the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits are. GamingZion’s reviews about online sportsbooks include all the important details about each site’s available banking methods.

3. Find a helpful customer service!

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Find the site that suits you most!

You will face problems every now and then, even if you manage to choose the best sports betting site. That’ why it is crucial to join a site that offers the services of a helpful team. A good Customer Service is fast and effective. They solve all your problems instantly. It makes a whole lot of difference whether you have to write them an email and wait several days to receive their answers, or if they have a 24/7 live chat system at your service…

Of course, the site must show you a contact number, so that you can actually talk to people working for the site and for you as well. A contact E-mail is another must, in case you prefer expressing your problems in detail. But then again, the non-stop live chat is the best asset a Customer Service can offer.

4. Find the best betting odds!

Odds are the first things you see when entering a sports betting site. You might have noticed that there are mild differences between the odds: for the same event, certain sites might offer better odds than others. You’ll want to find the site with the highest odds – that’s how you can maximize your earnings. You need to check your favourite betting markets at several sites in the online sportsbook directory before choosing the best sports betting site!

Make sure you learn how to read sports betting odds like a pro!

5. Online sportsbook promotions and bonuses…

Another important factor to maximize your winnings is to choose the best sportsbook site with the most rewarding bonuses. Certain sites don’t even bother giving you a welcome bonus. You shouldn’t even bother registering at such sites. You want at least a 100% sign-up bonus so that you can double your money instantly. You can get even more – check out the list of available online sportsbook bonuses.

Sports betting promotions are also crucial. They help you earn extra money every week, sometimes even every day. You can find betting offers on current events if you check out the offers at sites like BetVictor for example. You need to consider your favorite events and check which sites offer the best promotions on those events.

It also makes sense to find your favorite types of online sports betting promotions. There are all types – weekly free bets, accumulator betting tournaments with cash or random giveaway prizes, football betting jackpots and so on. Take a look at our online sportsbook promotions to decide which kind of offers you like the most!

6. Choose a site with an easy-to-use interface!

If you want to stick to your favorite and best sports betting site for a long time, it’s important that you feel 100% comfortable browsing there. If you find it hard navigating at the site, that one is probably not for you. If you can’t find your favored sports to bet on instantly, you probably need to keep searching. You don’t need to settle, you have tons of options!

7. Join a mobile-friendly site for a perfectly comfy betting experience!

We’re living in the 21st century, we go everywhere with our mobile device in our pockets. We are online all the time. It’s only natural that you need an online sports betting site that has a mobilefriendly interface: it might happen that you’re not sitting at home, but still want to make a quick bet. It’s perfect if you can bet using your mobile device.

An app might not even be necessary: you can just load the site from your browser to see if they are mobile-friendly or not.

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