2019 MLS Winner Predictions: Ibrahimovic Could Lead Galaxy to Glory

  • Sportsbook sites believe Los Angeles FC are the top contenders for the MLS trophy this year
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic is on the top of his game as the striker is carrying Galaxy back to the top
2019 MLS Winner Predictions
Ibrahimovic can't stop scoring this year

Bookies argue Los Angeles FC are the favorites to win MLS this year by far. However, our 2019 MLS winner predictions show Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not going to make this year easy for his opponents either. The 37-year-old superstar is playing like he’s 27, as he’s climbing the Western Conference table with Los Angeles Galaxy… 

Football, or soccer, as they say, is getting more and more popular in the USA. It’s been attracting tens of thousands of fans lately, who often create an amazing atmosphere in the American stadiums. The rivalries between clubs are getting bigger, and more and more European star players decide to play in North America. 

Last year’s winners, Atalanta United, are playing in front of more than 60 000 people nowadays. There are other great clubs hungry for the MLS trophy this year, like Los Angeles Galaxy (you might remember that even Beckham played here), or their brand new local rivals, Los Angeles FC. We took a look at all of these teams and came up with our MLS 2019 winner predictions.

2019 MLS Winner Betting Odds at Unibet
Los Angeles FC +220
New York City FC +800
Los Angeles Galaxy +900
Atlanta United FC +1100
D.C. United +1400

2019 MLS winner predictions: LAFC are still the favorites by far

Online sportsbook sites in the USA argue that it would be surprising not to see Los Angeles FC to lift the MLS trophy this year. Bob Bradley’s side has been absolutely flying this year, they’re leading Western Conference by far. Their key player is Carlos Vela, who managed to score an unbelievable amount of 21 goals in 21 games only. 

2019 MLS Winner Predictions
Carlos Vela is also one of the biggest stars in MLS

LAFC’s success is quite interesting because this club only exists since 2014. This is their second-ever MLS season. They’ve already managed to finish 3rd last season, and this year they do look unstoppable. Their success story shows that with the adequate amount of funds, nothing’s impossible in the USA. David Beckham knows this very well, as he’s looking to reach success very soon with his recently founded club, Inter Miami.

Zlatan’s aggressive behavior could bring Galaxy to the next level

2018 was a pretty bad year for Los Angeles Galaxy – and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swedish striker joined the MLS-side from Manchester United, hoping to win some silverware in the USA as well. Unfortunately for him, Galaxy missed the playoffs after they’ve finished in the disappointing 7th position in the Western Conference.

Ibrahimovic has never been a calm player, but this year he looks like he totally lost it. Unsurprisingly, this has a great effect both on him and his team’s performance. His hat-trick against local rivals LAFC was unbelievable and meant important points to Galaxy. Meanwhile, he basically murdered the opposition’s players on the pitch and celebrated in front of their coach, Bob Bradley. He even sent a message to his local rivals on Twitter: “I AM LA” – he wrote.

With his 16 goals in 21 games, Ibrahimovic has a great chance to become the MLS top scorer this year. He obviously has great qualities, and he expects the best from his team. Zlatan is often fighting, shouting on the pitch, even with his own teammates. He says he’s only doing it to get the most out of them. It really seems to be working, as Unibet argues Galaxy are one of the top contenders for the MLS trophy this year.

New York City FC and Atlanta United also mean some serious threat to LAFC

Unibet believes that the biggest threat to the two LA-teams comes from the East. Based on their odds, New York City FC and Atlanta United could mean a real challenge for Galaxy and FC. Atlanta United are not just the title holders, but they arguably have the largest (and funniest) fanbase in the USA. They still have an enormous squad, including Josef Martinez, last year’s top scorer.

New York City FC have been quite convincing as well, no wonder their club is considered to be a title-challenging one. The Boys in Blue are playing their fifth MLS season this year, and they’ve managed to play 3 Conference semi-finals in the last 3 years. It’s a bit questionable whether they’ll manage to stay in a great form until the end of the year, while it’s not as profitable to bet on them as on Galaxy or Atlanta United. Our 2019 MLS winner predictions show your most reasonable bet at the moment is Ibrahimovic’s club, actually. While the risk’s not so high, the profit can be enormous. In Zlatan we trust.

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