This year, it could be very reasonable to bet on Thomas Lüthi to win Moto2. However, bookies argue Lorenzo Baldassarri is just as likely to win the title. There are a lot of quality riders in Moto2 this season, and it’s hard to foresee what this year may bring. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best Moto2 winner odds and our predictions. ... read more

Many Swedish football fans expect Malmö to become champions this year. However, we argue that AIK have everything to defend their title. With Norrköping also being in the mix, it’s getting harder to bet on any of the clubs confidently. We’ve got you covered: here are the best 2019 Allsvenskan winner betting odds and our predictions. ... read more

Bookies expect Raheem Sterling to become the Young Player of the Year in England. However, Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has improved a lot lately and could challenge him for the honour. There are plenty of great talents to choose from, which makes it hard to place a bet on anyone confidently. We’ve got you covered though: here are the best PFA Young Player of the Year betting odds and our predictions. ... read more

The betting odds on Marquez to win MotoGP 2019 show that bookies expect the Spaniard to defend his title. However, he’s still not 100% fit after his surgery this winter. If he drops points in the first few races, that could let the likes Dovizioso and Rossi to build a momentum. Anything’s possible this year, but we’ve made our predictions and collected the best MotoGP 2019 odds for you. ... read more

Bookies argue that Eden Hazard’s transfer to Real Madrid is almost certain. Meanwhile, Manchester United are expected to make a move for Jadon Sancho. It’s getting harder to see through all the transfer rumours around, let alone to make the best bets possible. We’ve got you covered: here are the best summer transfer betting specials. ... read more

Bookies argue that the 20-year-old Fedor Chalov could be this season’s top scorer in the Russian football league. Though he’s the favorite, we argue that Spartak’s Ze Luis has more experience, which could be decisive throughout the season. Some also argue that Krasnodar’s Ari could also end up at the top. We’ve done some research to help you place your best possible bet. Here are the best Russian Premier League top scorer betting odds and our predictions. ... read more

Though Tottenham are now out of the title race, they’ve still got many things left to fight for this season. While bookies expect them to reach top 4, they also have a chance for a great European cup run. Tottenham could have a year they won’t forget – and you too, if you place the right bets on them. We’re here to help you out: these are the 4 best Spurs bets in 2019. ... read more

Strømsgodset forward Marcus Pedersen is the favorite to become the top scorer in Norway this year. However, we believe that last season’s Golden Boot winner, Franck Boli is going to be effective in front of the goal as well. Here are our Eliteserien 2019 top scorer betting odds and predictions. ... read more

Diving has become a part of football. However, deceiving the referees is not just unfair but it’s against the rules. Even the biggest players, like Neymar, Suarez and Ramos are often caught cheating. We’ve collected some of the worst cases for you. Here are the 5 most disgusting dives in football. ... read more

It’s always great to see magical footballers shine on the pitch. However, sometimes it’s interesting to take a look behind the curtains, and see their shiny life off the field as well. Can we notice the extravagant style of Pogba and Neymar on their houses as well? We’re here to find it out. Here are the most luxurious footballer homes in 2019. ... read more

Bookies believe that KEiiNO is the favorite to win the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix. However, we shouldn’t write off Adrian Jørgensen’s entry either. Meanwhile, D’Sound could surprise everyone with their catchy hit called ‘Mr. Unicorn’. Here are our Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix betting odds and predictions. ... read more

Leonora’s song, Love is Forever is the most likely to win the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. However, Julie & Nina’s single, called League of Light is just as catchy and powerful. It’s hard to bet on a contest like this, because there are no previous battles to rely on. However, we’ve done our research and made our Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2019 betting predictions for you. ... read more

If you become a popular, high paid footballer, you also become some sort of celebrity. You might even get a wax statue, like Britney or Angelina. However, nothing guarantees that it’s going to look all pretty and human-like. Some footballers’ figures are simply awful. We’ve collected a few of them: here are our top 5 worst wax statues in football. ... read more

While there are amazing ways to show your dedication towards your club, we often hear chants that are rather cringy. Some fans like to sing about their players’ genitals or toilet habits. We’ve checked out a lot of these songs, and collected the top 4 weirdest soccer chants for you. ... read more

When you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go. It can be hard to solve the toilet situation sometimes, and it’s even harder when you’re a player on the pitch. You can end up getting a red card, or a praise – it’s up to your luck. Here are some cases of footballers who’ve peed or pooped themselves during a match. ... read more

We’re always talking about the “great goals” in football. However, if there are great ones, there must be bad ones as well. It’s enough to think about Pickford’s or De Gea’s mistakes from this season to realize that. But there’s even more: we’ve collected the worst Premier League goals in 2018/19 for you. ... read more