2020 Romania Legislative Election Odds Favor PNL to Win the Most Seats

  • PNL lead in recent electoral polls
  • PSD win in 2016
  • USR-PLUS will likely be third-placed in the election
2020 Romania legislative election odds

Romanians are about to cast their ballots in the parliamentary elections that are taking place on 06 December. Eight political parties will have their names on the ballot, with only three to fight for the most seats. As 2020 Romania legislative election odds indicate, the Liberal Party remains the frontrunner. However, the Social Democrats hope to make an upset.

According to online sportsbook news sites in Romania, the election campaign has been underway since November 06. There are eight established political forces in the race. But, only three, the Liberals, Social Democrats, and the Reformists vie for winning the most seats. They look for collecting as many seats of the 329 available ones in the Chamber of Deputies and 136 of the Senate.

The liberals remain the favorites at the 2020 Romania legislative election odds, with a value of 1.105 at 22BET Sportsbook. The Social Democrats are second-placed with a value of 5, while the Reformist Block is third at 15. If you wish to see the entire list of the contenders, check out our review about 22BET Sportsbook.

The Liberals still lead at recent polls

New projections of an electoral poll conducted by BCS (Biroul de Cercetari Sociale) were released in early November, as per Romania Insider. The Liberal Party (PNL) remains ahead but it is slightly losing ground, while the main opposition the Social Democrats (PSD) and the reformist block USR-PLUS are going up.

The poll has indicated PNL might win 32.6 percent of the total vote. PSD might get 28.6 percent, and USR-PLUS remains third with 17.6 percent. The smaller parties such as the People Movement Party (PMP) might receive 7.4 percent, and PRO Romania might come with 5.2 percent.

2020 Romania legislative election odds
Who’s it going to be?

The government will likely be retained by the Liberals

Romania’s National Liberal Party is one of the oldest parties in the country. It is currently under the helm of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban. The Liberal Party had somehow a rocky year facing a motion of no confidence in February that led to the dismissal of Orban cabinet. But it managed to keep holding the government with Orban returning to the office in March.

In 2016, the Liberal Party won 82 members in the Chamber of Deputies and 31 in the Senate. It came second after the Social Democratic Party. As online sportsbook sites in Romania show, the Liberal Party will likely win the most seats this time. But that does not mean the Social Democrats have no chance to turn things around just days before the election.

The Social Democrats won in 2016

The Social Democratic Party led by Marcel Ciolacu remains the biggest political force in the parliament. In 2016 it won 154 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 67 in the Senate. It also has the largest number of mayors, local and county councilors, and county presidents. PSD held the government between 2017 and 2019, but it was forced to the opposition last year.

The political environment seems to tilt against PSD so far. But it is trying to push for retaining the most seats, especially after Alexandru Rafila the WHO representative was added to the list of top candidates. Anything can happen and PSD might succeed in defeating PNL again.

2020 Romania legislative election odds on USR-PLUS

This reformist block led by Dan Barna and Dacian Ciolos is running as the third major political force in the country. USR-PLUS presented its election program recently with 40 issues constituting its agenda. On top are banning convicted persons from holding public positions, abolishing special pensions, electoral reform, and the local administration reform. Besides, USR-PLUS plans to push for reducing the number of lawmakers to 300. As per 2020 Romania legislative election odds, USR-PLUS is hopeful for good results but not for most seats.

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