5 Best Songs About Football: From Nelly to Shakira


Posted: June 11, 2020

Updated: June 18, 2020

  • Here are 5 biggest hits inspired by football
  • Which song is the best: Nelly or Shakira’s one?

Football is the most popular sport game in the world with billions of fans, so it obviously influences many other life spheres and industries. Music is not an exception. There are many tracks devoted to football or written exclusively for big competitions. Here are 5 of them we find the best songs about football.

The popularity of football is difficult to underestimate. According to the latest data, there are approximately 3.5 billion football fans across the globe. This is almost half of the whole world population, which makes football the most admired kind of both sports and entertainment. No wonder that this game has such a big impact on various entertainment, business, and everyday life spheres. Gambling industry and sportsbooks in the UK are also under the impact.

Among all, many singers and songwriters feel inspired by football too. There are hundreds of tracks with lyrics devoted to this game, but not all of them top the list of the best songs about football. Here are 5 compositions with a football theme composers wrote either for special occasions or to praise the #1 game in the world. Sound on and let’s go!

best songs about football
Which one is your favorite?

Heart Of A Champion is a powerful football hymn

Nelly’s “Heart Of A Champion” is one of the best songs about football. The 2004 hip-hop track was initially inspired by a soccer game and used in football competitions only. During the song, Nelly mentioned many famous American players, such as Michael Redd, James Worthy, Ray Lewis, and six others. However, it doesn’t stop various sports events from playing “Heart Of A Champion” as an empowering and cheerful chant. It was even an unofficial anthem for basketball and baseball teams in the US. In particular, the New York Yankees had played this song before every game in 2004-2009, so this is the song fitting every athlete. If you are looking for a sports-themed track for your training or gym attendance, “Heart Of A Champion” is the best choice.

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Best lines: My blood, my sweat, and my tears don’t mean nothing. It’s the heart of a champion”.

Catch Latin vibes from The Cup Of Life

In 1998, pop star Ricky Martin recorded a song called “The Cup Of Life” for the FIFA World Cup. Although the competition took place in France, the song is a bright representation of Latino pop as its best. “The Cup Of Life” somewhat reminds of Martin’s biggest hit – “Livin’ La Vida Loca” – but it is not a drawback at all! This dynamic horn-driven anthem is what every fan needs to celebrate the biggest football competition in the world. We can also bet that Shakira was inspired by Latino Pop King and his football anthem. Do you think Ricky Martin will record another song for FIFA ever again? Check Bet365 Sportsbook to find the best bets on the 2022 World Cup as there is still no official performer! 

Best lines: “The feelin’ in your soul is gonna take control. Nothing can hold you back if you really want it”.

Shakira recorded two best songs about football

What list of the best songs about football can go without “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” and “Dare (La La La)”. Shakira has undoubtedly performed two biggest football hits of the 21st century. Both of them were written for the FIFA World Cup competitions in 2010 and 2014 correspondingly.

best songs about football
Stadiums sing together

Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) (2010)

“Waka Waka” became one of the biggest Shakira’s hits and the most popular football song in the 2010s. It topped many charts in the beginning of the decade, while the music video reached 2.5 billion views as of 2020. Many popular players like Messi and Ronaldo made a cameo in the video. In general, both critics and fans praised Shakira’s efforts and ranked the song highly.

Best lines: The pressure is on, you feel it. But you’ve got it all, believe it”.

Dare (La La La) (2014)

The other football song by Shakira was released four years later. Colombian singer initially wrote “Dare (La La La)” as a song for her album, but later its reworked version became a theme song for Brazil World Cup. Like its predecessor, the “Dare (La La La)” music video assigned many popular players to be in, including Messi, Neymar, and Pique. The song itself also made Shakira the first artist ever to sing at three FIFA events. Besides 2010 and 2014 performances, she also sang at the 2006 World Cup with her old hit songs.

Best lines: “Feel how the planet’s become one…German, Colombians, Spanish and French, off the bench you gotta own it”.

Ole Ole Ole (The Name of The Game) is classic

The most iconic song about football is definitely an immortal hit from The Fans. This simple but uplifting song is the classic football anthem. If you haven’t ever heard about its roots, here is a brief guide to the song history.

The Fans released “Ole Ole Ole” in 1987. Yet it wasn’t the very first usage of a popular “ole chant”, this version became viral. The song is a classic everyone knows. In many countries, the songlines “Ole ole ole ole! We are the champions” became a fan chant, where the initial “we” is replaced by the name of the club or country. In addition, you can hear this song in FIFA games, fantasy football games, and many other online & offline football competitions.

Best lines: “Ole ole ole ole! We are the champions”.

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