How to Play Real-Time Fantasy Football


Posted: June 5, 2020

Updated: June 5, 2020

  • What is fantasy football?
  • Where to play its live games?
  • Here is a guide to the world of DFS

Do you want to know how to play real-time fantasy football and DFS in general? Here is an ultimate guide to daily fantasy sports with step-by-step guidance on how to play games and where to find them.

Daily fantasy sports are very popular among some gamblers, who enjoy combining playing games and betting on sports (football in particular). Before learning how to play real-time fantasy football, let’s learn some basics like what is DFS and what is so special about it.

What is fantasy sports

If you have never heard of daily fantasy sports (DFS), here are some explanations. DFS is a type of online game, where gamers assemble their own virtual teams (e.g. football teams) on the basis of real-life players and earn points from their individual performance on the field. For example, to bet on La Liga in FS, you have to draft a team that consists of a keeper from Atletico Madrid, forwards from Barca, defenders from Real Madrid, etc. Once the other gamers do the same, all of you bet on your teams at Fan Team and start competing with each other. Depending on the type of FS you play, the game can last either for one day or 9 months. 

How to decide who is the winner? Each virtual football player brings a certain number of points for his performance during the football game/season. In the end, gamers sum up all points. The player, whose team collects the most points, is the winner.

Types of fantasy sport

There are two basic types of fantasy sports games: traditional and daily. It is important to differentiate them before learning how to play real-time fantasy football.

how to play real-time fantasy football
Start playing!

Traditional FS means that gamers start playing at the beginning of a real-life football season and finish at the end. In traditional fantasy sports, virtual players collect points depending on their prototypes’ real-time achievements. Basically, those who play traditional FS in La Liga, play it from September to May/June along with the real one.

On the contrary, daily fantasy sport doesn’t last a whole season, but a day. Gamers assemble teams in the morning and learn who is the winner at night. This type of FS is usually played at online DFS sites with random users, while the traditional one is preferred to be played with friends.

Where and how to play real-time fantasy football?

As football is the most popular sport in the world, many gamers choose to play fantasy football. It can be played online or live, depending on the gamer’s preference. To play, fantasy football games, follow the next steps:

  • Sign up for Fan Team or any other online DFS site. The other option can be downloading a mobile app adjusted to playing fantasy games.
  • Pick a game. If you want to figure out how to play real-time fantasy football, choose this game. There are also a number of game styles, e.g. head-to-head option that allows playing against a single player. Then join the contest. It can be La Liga or any other football competition from the list.
  • Assemble your team. Once you register at the DFS site, there will be a list of players available for selection to the team along with their statistics and review about recent performances. Pay attention that you shouldn’t exceed a certain amount of salary you spend on all players.
  • Bet on your team and start the game. If your team wins the game, you will receive winning money on your account.

Where to play DFS? Pick any of the online DFS sites in the UK after checking the user rate and list of perks available for signing up.

You can discover more about Fan Team here.

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