8 Reasons to Love Irish Fans at Euro 2016

Irish fans at Euro 2016!

Irish fans at Euro 2016 are the best attraction ever… let’s check out what makes them such special football fans!

Everyone keeps talking about how the Irish fans at Euro 2016 have been behaving and how well-mannered and fantastic supporter base they have. They seem like they don’t care about football hooliganism, unlike the English and the Russian. All they care about is cheering, singing, dancing, drinking and supporting their teams as well as their rivals! Let’s see the best reasons to love Irish fans at Euro 2016!

1. Because they came to take over France!

They wrote this catchy song and thousands were singing it together in the streets of France before Ireland were playing. The reason why Mick Konstantin’s song was written is obvious, it’s in the title: they came here in hopes of Takin’ over France. And Irish fans at Euro 2016 definitely did take over France. If not their team, at least their supporters became everyone’s favourite.

2. Because they know that the rival is not the enemy…

Ireland were about to face Sweden. Supporters of the two football teams meet each other. Online betting news in France already start writing articles about football hooliganism after knowing what Russian and English fans were capable of in France. Irish fans at Euro 2016 are something totally different, however.

They just sang with the Swedish fans as if it was the most natural thing to do. Because it is, they are all passionate about the same things, just for different teams. Why not celebrate that with some ABBA hits?

3. Like, they really do know that, even if they just lost…

Irish fans at Euro 2016 are a different species. Like really, they don’t fight, they don’t get angry, they just have fun and enjoy life. Because they know what football is about. They don’t get angry even when their team is being humiliated by 3-0. They just cheer. And celebrate. With the rival. Because Irish fans at Euro 2016 are simply the best!

4. Because they have the manners towards the elderly…

Do you need another reason to love Irish fans at Euro 2016? Well, let me give you another example: they are one of the best-mannered football fans at Euro 2016! It’s not an everyday thing to be cheered by hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in your own home. They know it must feel amazing and so they help this man feel better in his own place. Well done, guys!

5. …and they know how to behave around girls!

But they are true gentlemen, even when it comes to women! That’s how you date the old-fashioned way: sing her a serenade to get her kiss. That’s like the most romantic way ever. And so that’s what they did when they met this French girl called Carla Romera, who is a 19-year-old lifeguard, with whom one of the guys fell in love with, immediately. So they sang her love songs in hopes of getting her kiss. Did they get it? Find it out:

6. …and they care about the future

It’s important for children to have enough sleep. Even during Euro 2016. And even when they are travelling on the train in Bordeaux and they meet the Irish fans. Who are singing, and dancing and cheering, so just the usual stuff. However, when they learn there is a baby sleeping around them, the mother instinct shows up: they go silent, and then start singing lullabies to the baby. Tssssssh, we have a baby on board!

7. Because they are friendly… with TV reporters

We love the Irish fans at Euro 2016 because when they see a reporter who is aired live, well… what would the average football fan do? Smile, wave at the camera, and silently walk away. What does the Irish one do? Against all online sportsbook odds, they give unforgettable memories to the reporter, by simply walking up to him, covering him in Irish flags, giving him Irish hats and throwing him up in the air.

8. And even with the police!

The football fans hid under the tunnel in hopes of, you know, not getting completely wet when it was raining hard. After the rain stopped, the French police tried to make the crowd disappear after the rain stopped. The Irish fans at Euro 2016, instead of just leaving, they started singing “Stand up for the French police”, jumping around, dancing and cheering. Just like they always do. When they meet an old man or a pretty young lady, when they meet the rival support crowd, or when they meet the French police. When they meet anybody.

Carla Romera described her experience with the Irish fans at Euro 2016 as something incredible, of which she didn’t know but was really happy to have discovered. That’s something that we are extremely happy for. We hope that online sportsbooks in France will be proved wrong and that the Irish guys will keep on entertaining us throughout the whole tournament. We’ll really miss them once they go home.

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