Abu Dhabi GP Odds In 2023 – The Final Race For This F1 Season


Posted: November 20, 2023

Updated: November 20, 2023

  • After Las Vegas, comes Abu Dhabi
  • The F1 2023 final
  • Abu Dhabi GP Odds In 2023

We are here at the final race for 2023! The last Grand Prix for F1 is going to take place in Abu Dhabi this year! Don’t worry, no one is in danger due to recent world events. However, keep in mind that everyone is in danger in the competition due to the outstanding skills of Verstappen. We suspect that he is going to win yet another race. There are no doubts after Las Vegas. Join us and let’s review the Abu Dhabi GP odds in 2023!

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Today we are going to introduce you to the Abu Dhabi GP odds in 2023! This means that we have reached the final of 2023! This year was extremely amazing. However, the betting has been in a little bit of decline due to the outstanding performance of Red Bull and Max Verstappen. However, this is going to be the last year of the season.

The new cars are going to roll out soon, and we might see a fix in many of Verstappen’s advantages in other teams. But for now, let us appreciate this season. Register at the online sportsbook sites in Qatar to be able to wager on the upcoming Abu Dhabi odds. We are here to report some important details about the event for you today, including the odds and the best betting platform for the month.

About The Abu Dhabi GP Odds In 2023

Before we jump into the different categories of betting odds. First, let’s talk about the event itself. As always, we have the schedule announced. According to the Formula 1, the following format applies to the event:

  • Nov 24, 10:30-11:30 = P1
  • Nov 24, 14:00-15:00 = P2
  • Nov 25, 11:30 – 12:30 P3
  • Nov 25 15:00 – 16:00 = Q 
  • Nov 26, 14:00 = Race

This year, people were worried about the Abu Dhabi GP. However, according to Sky Sports, the ongoing warfare is not going to interfere with the race. Therefore, we should not have to worry about the safety of our beloved driver. After the glamorous and tight-fielded Las Vegas GP, we can see that there is a new energy in the fans of the event. Register at VAVE Sportsbook to wager!

great f1 car

The Constructors Championship

Let’s start the Abu Dhabi GP odds in 2023 with the constructors championship. According to the Abu Dhabi GP, the event is going to be luxurious with several after-race concerts and a 5 Michelin star dining experience.

However, the constructors are not going to party so early. Because everyone is working hard to live up to Red Bull. Right now, they are so successful that betting series are basically excluding the odds. Therefore, you can bet on Ferrari and Mercedes to take up the competition today.

  • Ferrari – 1.85
  • Mercedes Amg Motorsport – 1.85

We believe that Ferrari was putting up a great competition during the Las Vegas GP. We have seen that Leclerc can be much more than what most people would assume based on his previous placements.

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Top 10 Points To Finish – Abu Dhabi GP Odds In 2023

Before speaking outright odds, first, let’s make our top 10 picks. You can learn a lot from last year’s Abu Dhabi GP to understand who has the advantage on this race track. Nonetheless, the odds are the following. We marked out betting picks with a little “ * “ symbol.

  • Verstappen, Max – 1.08 *
  • Perez, Sergio – 1.14 *
  • Norris, Lando – 1.14 *
  • Hamilton, Lewis – 1.16 *
  • Sainz Jr, Carlos – 1.16 *
  • Leclerc, Charles – 1.16 *
  • Russell, George – 1.16 *
  • Piastri, Oscar – 1.25
  • Alonso, Fernando – 1.33 *
  • Ocon, Esteban – 2
  • Stroll, Lance – 2
  • Gasly, Pierre – 2
  • Albon, Alexander – 2.5
  • Ricciardo, Daniel – 3.25 *
  • Bottas, Valtteri – 3.25
  • Tsunoda, Yuki – 3.25 *
  • Zhou, Guanyu – 6
  • Hulkenberg, Nico – 8
  • Magnussen, Kevin – 8
  • Sargeant, Logan – 9

Red Bull Constructors

Verstappen Is An EV Bet

Once more, one person is ruling over the Abu Dhabi GP odds in 2023. And all we can ask is: how is Verstappen so good? Well, the answer is simple. He has a great skill for driving, a unique head-based driving style, and of course a car with engineering finesse with the aerodynamics. But this is beside the point.

The reason why we are stopping for this section is to highlight that Max Verstappen is an EV bet. Meaning that I’d risk thousands of dollars wagering on Verstappen. Unless he gets into some rough crash accident, there is no way he will not win, or at the very least end up in the top 10, top 5, and top 3.

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Outright Winner – Abu Dhabi GP Odds In 2023

This is the main betting, and I highly believe that the winner is going to be Max Verstappen. Outright betting means that you are predicting the winner of the event. I believe that Lando is not going to pull as much weight as people expect. Leclerc has shown a great deal of proof, but it was mainly due to the tight arena in Las Vegas. This sums up our conclusion once more: This season is Max Verstappen. Maybe my opinion will start to change with the new cars.

  • Verstappen, Max – 1.28
  • Norris, Lando – 12.93
  • Perez, Sergio – 14.23
  • Leclerc, Charles – 16.44
  • Hamilton, Lewis – 17.36
  • Sainz Jr, Carlos – 22.21
  • Russell, George – 24.61
  • Piastri, Oscar – 26.88
  • Alonso, Fernando – 54.4
  • Stroll, Lance – 243
  • Ocón, Esteban – 254
  • Gasly, Pierre – 254
  • Albon, Alexander – 488
  • Hulkenberg, Nico – 501
  • Ricciardo, Daniel – 501
  • Bottas, Valtteri – 501
  • Magnussen, Kevin – 501
  • Tsunoda, Yuki – 501
  • Zhou, Guanyu – 501
  • Sargeant, Logan – 501

Verstappen winning again

Where To Bet?

Reaching the end of the Abu Dhabi GP odds in 2023. One of the most important things is to always pick a sportsbook that is going to give you valuable odds. Furthermore, you should take a look at our F1 betting guide if this is your first time wagering. The reason why we are recommending a sportsbook is because they are going to give you different markets. Having options on a betting site is important.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to actively win. Sometimes we just can’t figure out the outright winner, but we have great calls for the top 10. If you want a trustworthy betting platform. Then please register at VAVE Sportsbook!

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