Win the Abu Dhabi Lottery Whilst at Home


Posted: March 31, 2020

Updated: April 1, 2020

  • Where to play lotteries in the UAE?
  • theLotter is the best lotto site to play from home

Like other countries, the United Arab Emirates took safety measures and closed down everything, including land-based lotteries. Yet the situation in the world is far from being calm, probably, the Abu Dhabi lottery can distract you from disturbing news. All in all, winning money wouldn’t go amiss especially these days.

Winning a large prize in the United Arab Emirates will not be a needless thing these days. Especially when this country offers jackpots up to 15 million dirhams (more than $4 million!) Previously, the local lotteries were offering either cash prizes or luxury cars (Land Rover, Jaguar, Mini Cooper, etc). Also, winning smaller amounts of money like 5 million dirhams was a common thing. Nowadays these generous land-based lotteries are closed, but it doesn’t mean you cannot win cash if you want.

We have collected the best online gambling sites in the United Arab Emirates for you to try your luck whilst at home. Also, we will tell you about the number 1 Abu Dhabi lottery available online.

How to play an online lottery in the UAE?

To begin with, online lotteries in the United Arab Emirates are not all legal. You can play lotto if it belongs to the lottery-like raffles that get permission from the relevant regulatory department in the UAE. However, Emiratis can still join international platforms for playing lotteries online. Sites like theLotter provide access to many lotteries without any restrictions, so this is probably the best way to win money from home if you are stuck in the UAE.

To try playing lotto online, you have to choose online lottery sites in the United Arab Emirates. In particular, Abu Dhabi lottery fans can try theLotter, as it is ranked as the most reliable and unlimited platform for Emirati users. Online sites like this are also much cheaper than paper tickets like Dubai Duty Free and the Abu Dhabi Big Tickets, which start from 500 dirhams (around $130). This is too expensive, that’s why many players gather in groups and buy tickets jointly. At the same time, you can play lotto online with a minimum deposit of $10 and keep your winnings.

Abu Dhabi lottery
Win the lottery and build yourself a palace!

TheLotter is #1 Abu Dhabi lottery

As we have already mentioned, theLotter is one of the best lotto sites for playing from the United Arab Emirates. The website offers access to multiple lotteries, including well-known Mega Millions and Powerball. Here you can also find a detailed guide through the terms & conditions, FAQ and explanation of various kinds of games. Whereas real-life lottos are closed down, theLotter is your key to hitting the jackpot this spring.

Why choose theLotter?

To sum up all the reasons why it is better to play theLotter, the following list is available for Abu Dhabi lottery players:

  • It is ranked 4.0/5 at Gamingzion. This is the best rate at our website, which makes theLotter the safest online lotto platform;
  • It is an international website available worldwide with just a few limitations. The UAE is not included in the list of restricted countries, so Emiratis are welcome to win;
  • The site has been operating for 18 years. It was launched in 2002 and quickly became one of the most popular lotto platforms in Europe and the Middle East;
  • theLotter has low fees for the first deposit. You can make a minimum deposit of just $10, which is more than ten times less than purchasing the cheapest paper ticket in the UAE;
  • There are different bonuses and promotions you can use while playing. Get a 20% discount after becoming a VIP user;
  • If you win, you can withdraw your money free of charge. However, there is a maximum limit of $50000, pay attention to it;
  • You have access to various payment & withdrawal methods, such as e-systems, bank cards, and bank transfer;
  • The design of the lotto site is simple and easy to follow. You can find all possible guides you can think about at theLotter.

You can see more about theLotter here.

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