Australian Gamblers Can Win Baby Online as IVF Lottery Coming Soon

 Australia soon to see baby lottery where lucky gamblers who need a baby can get one with just a $20 entry ticket.

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Australians are jumping for joy as the organizers of the first baby lottery which originated in U.K. is soon coming to Australia. The IVF lottery is a win/win situation for thousands of couples unable to conceive, yet too poor to afford the £25,000 ($37,000) in vitro fertilization doctor fees.

Australians spend more money per capita on gambling each year than any other country. Foreign based online casinos in Australia do brisk business each day thanks to unquenchable thirst for gambling burning within each Aussie’s soul.

Chief executive Louise Johnson of the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority said while there was no legislation banning the lottery being run here, she found the whole idea “ethically murky.” Australian gambling laws have no provisions to oppose a charity based online lottery.

Lotto tickets will be sold at £20 a pop at special online gambling sites in Australia. The lucky winners will receives full $37,000 worth of treatment at the center of their choice along with stays at five star hotels and limo drives to the clinic.

The lottery was originally created to help elderly homosexuals to conceive but due to popular demand have begun permitting all players of legal age.

Opponents have reacted with dismay claiming the organizers are immoral for “demeaning human life” and hustling infertile couples.

Acting executive commissioner Max Priestly of the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation’s said that as long as the organizers prove that every last dollar is used to for the charity selling the lotto tickets, the baby lottery is perfectly legal in Australia.

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