Barcelona to Face Their Worst Fears in Copa del Rey Quarter-Final Leg 2

Copa del Rey Quarter-Final leg 2

Barcelona’s era for easy win easy go seems to be over after the unexpected defeat (1-0) at the RCDE Stadium. Thus they will have a short break of three days only before hosting back their first defeaters. How will the Copa del Rey quarter-final leg 2 turn out for Barcelona?

The Wednesday’s Copa del Rey first leg was dominated by Barca, but they failed to find the net as the home side snatched a winner three minutes from the end. According to online sportsbooks in Spain the second leg at Camp Nou next Thursday, Jan 25, is expected to be full of tension and nerves. Barcelona will have to net at least twice without letting any ball in, to win on aggregate in the Copa del Rey quarter-final leg 2, and Valverde needs to fully equip the first team unlike Barca’s formation on last Wednesday.

The end of Glory for Barca

It was certainly a setback for Barca to suffer the first defeat in 154 days, and even more so at home of their local rivals. This was the first time ever for Barcelona to be beaten at the RCDE Stadium. Barca’s glory under Ernesto Valverde’s management has been brought to an end after being stopped at the record of 29 unbeaten games.

In the next match Barca will enter the pitch for the first time in this season with a fear of not just losing another game but with a possibility to leave the second most important competition in Spain if Valverde miss calculates again. If the youngster Oscar Melendo scores another goal, Barca will be in a complicated situation and will need three goals to win on aggregate. Online sportsbook news expect all of Jordi Alba and Nelson Semedo to be back on defense, Rakitic in midfield, and Luis Suarez on the attack to inject full force when the game kicks off.

Messi and Denis Suarez are to Blame

Barca have missed two definitive goals in their 90 minutes clash with Espanyol. After 45 minutes of stalemate in the first half, the game was in desperate need of a goal to open things up, and moments before the break Denis Suarez came to an open chance on the right of Espanyol’s goalkeeper Diego Lopez but he missed to hit the mark.

Other chance came on the 62nd minute when Lionel Messi stepped up to take the penalty, but the goalkeeper Deigo Lopez timed a prefect dive to nudge the ball away. Probably such wasted chances will not appear on Copa del Rey quarter-final leg 2, but Espanyol are good at closing their defense, and they will make it hard for Barca’s forwards to sneak two goals next Thursday evening.

Copa del Rey quarter-final leg 2 Predictions

In the second leg Quique Flores’ plan will be stout defensively, likely physical, and will seek to steal painful counter attacks, while Blaugrana will enjoy the vast majority of possession with a fully equipped first team joining from the beginning. Valverde’s men will have to put all effort for an early score to open up the match. Do you think Barca will succeed? If yes, then you can place a bet at Bwin Sprotsbook for Barca with a little earning, as the odds stand at 1.10. If you think Espanyol will turn leg 2 into a devastating match for Barca, then you can make a huge earning, by placing a bet on Espanyol with odds standing at 19.00.

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