Basketball Bundesliga 2020 Betting Predictions

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  • Bet365 favors Alba Berlin over Fraport Skyliners in the upcoming match
basketball bundesliga betting predictions

The BBL or a Basketball Bundesliga League is the highest-ranking professional basketball league in Germany. The regular season of 2019/2020 for Basketball Bundesliga has started on September 24th and will end on the 12th of June. Here are the basketball Bundesliga betting predictions for the final matches of the 2019/2020 season.

Basketball Bundesliga League consists of 18 teams that play in the league season and then advances to the play-offs. This year, the regular season is concluding on 12th of June. Eight teams advance to the play-offs while the last two teams of the season are relegated. The relegation process is pretty similar to the Bundesliga football league. Two teams playing in the second leagues- Pro A and Pro B will have a chance to get into the Bundesliga in the next season. Teams play in a best-of-five format in the play-offs. In the history of the league, Bayer 04 Leverkusen has won the most titles.

Basketball Bundesliga Betting Predictions

All of the betting predictions and tips below are from the bet365 sportsbook. Bet365 sportsbook is one of the biggest online sportsbooks in Germany with a huge variety of sports. Once you’ve signed up in the site and made some deposit, you’d be able to stream the games you’ve bet on for free on the site. That way, you don’t have to jump between two sites trying to keep an eye on the game while checking your bets.

Crailsheim Merlins is expected to win BS Gottingen by a small margin

The second phase of the Basketball Bundesliga is going to start with a match between Crailsheim Merlins and BS Gottingen on the 6th of June. Averaging 90 points per game against the opponents’ 84 points, 2019/2020 season has been pretty good for the Crailsheim Merlins. They’ve won against Hamburg Towers and Alba Berlin in the last two games.

basketball bundesliga betting predictions
What’s expected?

In this upcoming game, Crailsheim Merlins has a 1.38 odds at Bet365 Sportsbook against BS Gottingen. BS Gottingen or a Basketball Association Gottingen is a basketball team based on the Gottingen city of Germany. According to the basketball Bundesliga betting predictions, they don’t have much chance against their opponent on this game. In bet365 sportsbook, they have 3.15 betting odds.

Bayern Munich is most likely going to keep their winning streak

Another game you should keep an eye on the 6th of Jun is a match of Bayern Munich against Ratiopharm Ulm. According to the bet365 sportsbook’s basketball Bundesliga betting predictions, it’s likely that Bayern Munich is going to take the win home in this game. They have an odd of 1.10 against Ratiopharm Ulm at Bet365 Sportsbook, which, apparently has an odd of 7.50. Since it’s Munich’s home game in Audi Dome, there’s no doubt that the celebrations will be huge if we trust the betting predictions.

You probably already heard the name Bayern Munich from the football. However, the team’s history of basketball is pretty rich too. Through the 74 long years of their career, the team definitely had some ups and downs. However, thanks to the goal they’ve set in 2008 to get back on the Bundesliga, the team is back on the game. Now in this 2019/2020 season, led by Danilo Barthel, the team’s performance has been really promising.

Bet365 sportsbook prefers Alba Berlin over Fraport Skyliners

On the next day of the league games, Audi Dome is reserved for the match between Alba Berlin and Fraport Skyliners in the afternoon. Unfortunately, from the basketball Bundesliga betting predictions, things doesn’t look so good for the Fraport Skyliners. Alba Berlin has a betting odd of 1.045 while the number is 12.50 for the Skyliners at Bet365 Sportsbook.

basketball bundesliga betting predictions
Who do you prefer?

Considering the previous matches between the two teams, we can’t say that the predictions are unfair. In both of the last two matches, Alba Berlin has won by at least 30 points. Even if we give the Skyliners benefit of the doubt by hoping that they’ve improved in the time between the games, the best we can hope for is that the gap between the two teams’ points would decrease.

Rasta Vechta and Ludwigsburg is lined side by side in the basketball Bundesliga betting predictions

This game might be the most interesting comeback game of all four. The teams’ performances have been at the same level up until now. They’ve both won and lost once in the previous matches. In the first game, Vechta has taken the lead by 5 points. Ludwigsburg has matched the score in the second game by winning Vechta by 7 points.

Even though it’s quite challenging to predict the outcome of the game, basketball Bundesliga betting predictions are preferring Ludwisburg over Vechta. In the bet365 sportbooks, Ludwigsburg has a betting odd of 1.35. Vechta has a betting odd of 3.30, which is not that lower than Ludwigsburg.

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