Lotteries have always been a favorite form of gambling in India. Throughout the years, the number of players and range of the available lotteries have increased significantly. Thanks to the online lottery sites in India, people have an access to not only local lotteries, but also other giants ones in the world. EuroMillions, Powerball, Enalotto- you name it. However, with this many possibilities, the players face a question. Which lottery is the best in India? And where to play them? ... read more

You wake up one day with your bank account richer by millions of pounds. The national TV invites you for an interview, there are more calls in your phone than you can handle. The financial freedom you’ve been longing for is at your door waiting for you. Everyone must’ve wondered about what happens after they win a lottery. There are some people who have reached their dreams in somewhat unusual ways. Here are some stories about the weirdest wins in the lottery.  ... read more

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Have you ever wondered how many people actually participate in the lotteries? The number might be higher than you’ve imagined. The number seems to soar up when the organizer is the government. Some countries have banned the game while some have introduced a national lotteries with a prize reaching up to millions, enough to attract anyone. The lotteries are getting bigger and bigger each year, both in the matter of prize and the size of the players. Let’s take a look at the lotteries with the highest number of players in the world. ... read more

.Just a few scratches in the card, and you might be holding a key to millions of pounds that can change your life. While there are millions of ways to make money, there are a few that can make millions. We’re not saying to look for the easy way out. However, it won’t hurt to try your luck once in a while to get a shot at something this huge. Buying a scratch cards is now easier than ever, but choosing one is complicated. Which are the best scratch cards to buy in the UK in the sea of possibilities?  ... read more

Dating back to the 14th century, lotto is one of the oldest casino games in the world. What’s not to like about having a chance of winning millions of dollars by doing nothing more than buying a dollar slip, after all? Because of this almost unbelievable low risk with an astounding amount of prize, it’s no wonder that lotto has survived this long. And what’s more is, it’s only growing. The prize of the jackpot is getting more than enough to attract millions of players each week. Here are some of the biggest lottery prizes in South Africa. ... read more

Golf betting might not be one of the hotshots in the sports betting area due to its slow pace. Compared to the more exciting and fast-paced sports like basketball and boxing, golf tournaments usually take around four days. We’re not even taking account of the horse betting here. A matter of millions of dollars gets decided in only about three minutes in the horse betting. However, there’s a reason why wagers are really enthusiastic about the golf betting. Let us introduce some of the golf betting systems that work. That way, you can try your hand in golf betting and see what the buzz is about. ... read more

Some show up in the costume or masks to hide their identity while some boast about it in the national television. Having hundred thousands of dollars without having to do nothing except buying a dollar slip is a dream of everybody. However, with great money comes even greater responsibility. Let’s see what really happens when you win the lottery. ... read more

Lottery and lotto games are no strangers in the gambling community, it’s actually one of the oldest casino games. The popularity of the lotteries have risen immensely in the 19th century, and a small shops solely dedicated for selling the lottery slips has started to mushroom in the towns. Nowadays, some countries have banned the game while some organize national or cross-country lotteries. Australia is one in the latter category, organizing nation-wide lotteries like OZ lotto, Powerball and Saturday Lotto. Here, we’ll give you some tips on how to win OZ lotto. ... read more

The BBL or a Basketball Bundesliga League is the highest ranking professional basketball league in Germany. The regular season of 2019/2020 for Basketball Bundesliga has started on September 24th and will end on 12th of June. Here are the basketball Bundesliga betting predictions for the final matches of the 2019/2020 season. ... read more

It won’t be that far from the truth to say that Starcraft 2 was one of the main reasons why esports has become as big as it is now. Ever since the first version of the game was released, the tournaments were carried on in front of thousands of fans. The update on the game has proven successful and made the already big game even bigger. However, the game tends to get overshadowed by other big, simpler games like League of Legends and CSGO. So here are the reasons why you should start looking into betting on Starcraft 2.  ... read more

Bet365 has been around for over 16 years now. Slots was one of the first games on the site. Being one of the oldest online casinos in the UK, bet365 has proven that they’re worth coming back to. They offer 2 sites for casino games- Bet365 Casino, which was the first, and Bet365 Games. We’re going to introduce the best bet365 casino slots. ... read more

Dota 2 is one of the most popular video games in the esports community. Along with CSGO and Warcraft, it’s one of the first games that has introduced the world to the professional gaming. Thanks to this multiplayer online battle arena game, media has started to get interested in the esports. With the fame, sponsorship, huge fan base and dedicated players came. Another group that started to get interested in the game is the wagers. Here are the best Dota 2 betting sites. ... read more

Even if you’re not interested in esports or video games, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of CSGO. CSGO or a Counter Strike-Global Offensive is a multiplayer, first-person shooting game. It’s the fourth game in the series of the Counter Strikes games. Now that this version has gotten available for free, more people are getting into it. Thus, the question whether CSGO gambling in Canada is legal or not has came to the attention of many. ... read more

Esports events are not necessarily new. Video gaming has developed rapidly in the last few years, conquering large mass of both players and fans. As the number of international tournaments increase, the online sportbooks in the UK has started offering opportunities to bet on them too. Unlike any other betting, betting on esports is completely virtual process. Because of this nature of the betting, several virtual currencies for esports betting has emerged. ... read more

An average salary of a professional esports player is 3000 to 5000 dollars a month. The majority of their income comes from the tournaments’ prizes, advertisements and sponsorship. However, there are only few players who can make a stable living out of the tournaments’ prizes. In order to stabilize their income or just to have some extra side money, lots of the players use streaming platforms. Here are some tips on how to start streaming your gaming.  ... read more

Even if you haven’t watched anime in your entire life, sports anime is something you should definitely check out. The sports anime series are not only about the sports, it’s usually about getting over obstacles by teamwork, dedication and hard work. Here are some of the best sports anime series. ... read more

Even though the first legal casinos have started to appear in the 17th century, it’s a well known fact that people were gambling long before that. Whether it be to decide a argument with simple draw of cards or simply to pass time, people have been trying their luck in the card games for almost as long as the cards existed. Other games such as dice and scratch cards were included in the category too. So here are the oldest casino games you can play online now. ... read more