How to Play Lotto Poker


Posted: August 19, 2020

Updated: August 19, 2020

  • Learning how to play lotto poker is easier than you think
  • If you have a chance, always get the all-in option in your tickets
  • Knowing the basics of a poker will help you learn the game

Learning how to play lotto poker is not that different from learning how to play basic lotto. If you’re interested in both lotto and poker, this is the perfect game for you. All you need to do is to buy a ticket for the daily game and check if you’re qualified for two different kinds of prizes.

A single hand costs 2 dollars, and a dollar more if you choose to go for the all-in. All-in increases your prize money and gives you an opportunity to have a chance at jackpot starting from 10.000 dollars. Once you get the ticket, the hands will already be drawn for you. The lotto terminals will automatically deal random 5 cards out of 52. Unlike a basic poker, you can see the full hand all at once, and can’t change any cards. Some argue that this takes the thrill and strategy out of the game. However, there are base of loyal players who are only beginning out on their poker journey and just wanted to try their luck without having to   You can play at most three hands with one ticket.

Prizes and odds of winning

There are two ways you can win a prize. When you first get the ticket, you can check if you’ve won any of the instant wins. Any online casino sites in the UK you’re using, or lottery terminals will show you a hand right after your purchase. For the instant prize, there are a total of nine hand combinations that can get you the prize. If you get one of the top five hand combinations and have chosen to get the all-in option, you’ll instantly qualify for a draw of the jackpot. Considering that the chances of winning any kind of prize in the instant prize is 1 in 4.8, it’s worth spending that extra dollar. As for the all-in, the odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 273.1, which is pretty high among other lotto games.

how to play lotto poker
What’s your lucky number?

Since you’re already here, we’ll assume that you already know about poker hands and their ranks. After all, it’s the first thing to learn if you want to know how to play lotto poker. If you’re not familiar with it, no worries- check out our detailed explanation on poker hands ranking and get the easy to follow cheat sheet.

Royal Flush- This is the highest possible hand you can get in the lotto poker. Instant prize for royal flush is $5000, and you’ll get full jackpot if you’ve decided to go for the all-in. The minimum prize of jackpot is $10.000. The odds of getting royal flush is 1 in 649740.

Straight Flush- Prize payout for this one is $500. Considering that the odds of getting straight flush is 1 in 72193, that’s a pretty good prize. An all-in option in this will get you 10 percent of the jackpot, or a minimum of $1000.

4 of a kind- Both all-in and instant prize will earn you $175 each. The odds of winning 4 of a kind is 1 in 4165.

Full house- If you know how to play lotto poker, you’ll know that how rare getting a hand of full house is. The chances are 1 in 694 and both instant prize and all-in will get you u$75 each.

Flush- The prize for getting a flush is $50, and $50 more if you got the all-in option. Odds of getting flush is 1 in 509. The prize is fixed and will not be shared despite how many people have entered the lottery.

Straight- Starting from here, there won’t be no all-in option prizes. That’s reserved for only the top five prizes. However, even without that, the prize of straight is not that bad. The odds of getting one is 1 in 255.

how to play lotto poker
Are you playing?

3 of a kind- Prize payout for 3 of a kind, no matter the ranking of the card is 5 bucks. Doesn’t sound like a much, we know. However, it’s still enough to get one more hand that can lead to bigger prizes.

2 pair- The ranking of the pairs don’t matter here too. That’s why it’s much simpler to learn how to play lotto poker compared to the other poker games. Chances of getting 2 pair is 1 in 21 and the prize is 2 dollars.

Pair of jacks or higher- It’s the only hand where the ranking of the cards matter. You’ll get a free game by getting pair of jacks or higher. All combined, chances of winning any kind of prize is 1 in 3.66.

Where to play lotto poker?

Even with great odds as mentioned above, it’s possible that you won’t get to win the instant prize. However, great thing about learning how to play lotto poker is that you’ll get not one, but two chances at a prize. Similar to the other lottery games, there are daily draws in the lotto poker. Every night, a single hand will be dealt that can determine whether you’re going to win a prize or not. When you match two or more cards of your hand to that hand, you’ll be qualified for a prize. However, it might be tiring to wait every night to see if you’ve won any prize or not.

With online lotto sites in the UK, you won’t have to worry about it. As soon as you get your card, you can subscribe to get a mail or a message to get notified if you win any prize. If you end up winning, the site will mail you your winning ticket in a secure mail. While any site can do the basics, we’d recommend theLotter to play lotto poker. Since you’re trusting your sensitive financial and personal information when you sign up for any online gambling site in the UK, it’s understandable that you should be cautious. TheLotter realizes that and have developed a perfect security system so that the users don’t have to worry about anything when they’re using their site.

You can discover more about theLotter here.

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