Texas Hold’em Strategies for Beginners

  • Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular poker games in the world
  • Mastering even the simplest strategies can help you elevate your game
  • Playing as much as possible and getting experience maybe the best strategy of all
texas hold'em strategies for beginners

Now that you’re looking for the Texas Hold’em strategies for beginners, we’ll assume that you have a general idea about how the game works. If not, read our guide on the Texas Hold’em for dummies to get a jump start. So let us dive into the simple strategies that can really elevate your game.

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker games in the world with the largest number of players. While the game is simple enough to learn, it’s also complex and strategical so that even the most experienced players don’t get bored easily. Compared to the straight poker, here the players bet 4 times instead of two. Since the players will be betting every time a community card gets revealed, the game has a wide possibility of strategical tactics. Even though there are no single guide that can teach you all of the strategies, there are some that can definitely help your game. Let’s look at some of the Texas Hold’em strategies for beginners.

Get to know the preflop chart

Knowing when to play your hands is essential when you’re playing with real money. Actually there’s a limit on how many hands you can play before the flop. The easiest way to limit yourself from playing the unworthy hands is to have a solid preflop hand strategy. Lucky for us, the players have been developing the strategy for years now. Thanks to the thousands of players before our time, we don’t have to think of a whole new strategy from a scratch. There are plenty preflop strategy charts online. The hard part is sticking to the plan you’ve chosen. It’s tempting to play when your hand is not that good but you think that there’s a chance compared to the other players. However, if you master it, it’s one of the most basic Texas Hold’em strategies for beginners that can immediately help you get better.

texas hold'em strategies for beginners
Watch and learn!

Don’t be afraid to fold after the flop

One of the biggest mistakes beginners  of make is to try to keep going even if they realize that their hand is not good enough. This might be the most important Texas Hold’em strategies for beginners. Lots of players think that since they’re already in the game they might just as well see the end. If you don’t have the high pair after the flop and don’t have good enough possibility to have flush, then it’s probably a good idea to get out of the game. The hands usually depend on the number of the players at the table. But the golden rule stays the same. If you think that your hands are not good enough to pull through the end, then it probably is not.

Learn how to manage the impression you give when you’re playing

As we’ve mentioned before, poker is both strategical and psychological game. Especially in Texas Hold’em, the other player’s hands are as important as your hand in the game. The only thing that’s differentiating you from the other players is the two cards that you have. So make sure to not give any reaction when you look at them. Even the tiniest inhale of the air  can give your hand away in the experienced players’ eyes.

Another Texas Hold’em strategy for beginners you should master is to know how to bluff. Knowing how to convincingly bluff at the right time can help you increase your prize if you have good hands and let the other players fold when you’re hand is not that good. However, if your bluffing gets called out, then you’ll lose more money than you could’ve done in the regular game. So we’d recommend to let the cards decide whether to bluff or not. For beginners, it’s not recommended to bluff with an empty hand. Once you have a decent hand that can create a middle-ranking hand and you’re confident in your skill then you can consider bluffing.

texas hold'em strategies for beginners
Let’s play!

Get to know the game inside out

A million strategies can’t help you if you don’t know the game well enough. And how do you get to know the game? Well, obviously by playing it. Get advantage of the anonymous and cheap games of the online gambling sites in the US and practice as much as you can. The welcome bonuses and other promotions won’t hurt too. Most of the online casino sites in the US offers to match at least 50 percent of your first deposit. Playing the game by yourself and getting an experience is much better than reading any guide.

So if you’re looking for a guide on Texas Hold’em strategies for beginners, we’d recommend to play as much as you can and get the feel of the game. The best way to figure out the odds of the hands and realize when to fold or raise is to play the game with real players. Your skill won’t improve if you keep playing with a bot. Try to see the pattern when you’re playing with a real players. Then you can figure out strategies that suit you.

One way to make sure that you’re getting as real experience as possible is to use the live dealer setting. We’d recommend bet365 if you’re looking for a good online casino site with live dealers. Bet365 poker has an extensive range of classic casino games along with Texas Hold’em. And they offer live casino version of almost all of these games. Lucky for us, Texas Hold’em is one of them.

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