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Gambling in Djibouti

In Djibouti, the legality to gamble is somewhat under question. Approximately 94% of the population practices Islam, which forbids most forms of gambling, but the government allows certain forms in licensed establishments.

One of the only legal forms of gambling in Djibouti is casino gambling. As of September 2016, there are three land-based casinos operating from within the country, all of which offer a range of table games, poker rooms, and slot machines.

The legality of sports betting is somewhat under question in Djibouti, and none of the casinos in the country offer any kind of sports betting platforms.

Djibouti’s penal code states that it is legal to play the lottery in Djibouti, but only inside of a licensed gambling establishment. There does not appear to be a national lottery, but there is one licensed company called Djibouti Telecom that offers lotto games.