Beat the Bookies- Best Tips and Tricks 2020


Posted: September 29, 2020

Updated: September 29, 2020

  • Even the algorithms the mathematicians have developed is not enough the beat the bookies
  • Knowing the game is the first step to beat the bookies
  • Learn about the latest promotions and bonuses of the online sportsbooks in the US

Scrolling through the betting odds on a Saturday evening and betting a ten or twenty bucks on your favorite team can be a great addition to your favorite way of relaxing. After all, what’s more exciting than watching a good neck-to-neck match knowing that one of the teams can earn you twice or even tenth of what you’ve put in. You either win or lose, not a big deal, right? Well, as for the more experienced and serious wagers things are a little different. They’re always looking for a way to somehow get the edge over the bookies. Over the years, they’ve developed some kind of method that can help maximize your profit. Here is how to beat the bookies and the best tips and tricks in 2020. 

It is common knowledge that despite whatever technique you master, the house will win in the long run. The bookies are hired for a reason, they have to ensure that the house is not losing any money on a large scale. The odds are drawn that way, and both the bookies and house has never been shy about this fact. As long as they’re earning money even for a short time, it was manageable for the sports betting enthusiasts. However, the wagers have always been trying to beat the bookies in some way so that they can earn more money than they lose.

Throughout the years, the methods they use have been getting smarter. Mathematicians have developed algorithms that can predict the outcome of the game as accurately as possible. That would help them draw up odds and appropriate amounts of money to bet on each game so that you can be sure that your bet will be profitable. However, not one method has been proven to be 100 percent accurate till this day. Also in some online betting sites in the US, these algorithms can be seen as cheating.

One famous example is a Tokyo University professor who has been using the bookies’ odds against themselves so that their team can be profitable in the long run. However, this strike has been cut short by the site when they’ve limited the account’s betting amount to be as low as 1.25 dollar. So keep in mind that the tips we’ll be giving out will not ensure a perfect outcome. But we’re sure that these are some of the best possible tips to follow.

beat the bookies
You’re going to get there!

Know your game inside out to beat the bookies

Now, this may come as a trivial, but surprisingly it’s one of the things that people tend to forget the most. Most people go for the most famous league matches or the biggest names. However, it’s not enough to just read the betting tips and game predictions the day before betting. The online sportsbooks in the US offer the betting tips that can help you figure out where you want to put your money in. But you should know that that information is available for every other person.

In order to beat the bookies and turn the tables into your side, you should do more than that. So how do you beat the bookies? Simply by predicting the right outcome as much as possible. Betting on the sport that you genuinely enjoy and are eager to follow can be your stepping stone to the success. There are many features that can affect the outcome of the game. Aside from readily accessible information like team roster and season statistics, the player’s injury, game environment and team’s inner relations can make or break the game. By collecting as much information as possible, you can beat the bookies.

Find the most valuable odds in the market can help you beat the bookies

Even for the same game, the odds are different in the online sportsbook sites. Finding the one that offers the best value is the key when you’re trying to beat the bookies. Out of hundreds of sites, it can be challenging to find the odds that can give you the most profit. Especially if you’re just beginning to bet, realizing the value of the odds is hard. We’ve prepared a guide on how to read online sports betting odds in order to help you out.

Take advantage of the promotions the betting sites offer

What does it exactly mean to beat the bookies? Getting prize from the bet you’ve placed and being profitable for as long as possible might be the closest thing that you can do. The odds itself are impossible to cheat, the house will win on the long run anyways. So knowing how to make money out of this system is the same as beating the bookies. One of the smartest decisions you can make that can benefit you tremendously is to take advantage of the promotions the online gambling sites in the US. Free games or spinning bonuses can make you money without spending it in the first place. You can visit our site to see the latest online gambling promotions and bonuses.

beat the bookies
Are you going to beat them?

Unfortunately, most of these bonuses have some kind of eligibility criteria that can keep you from getting it. Either you should be the loyal customer of the site, or you must make some kind of deposit first. There’s one promotion that doesn’t require any of that and is eligible for almost everyone above 18 years old. It’s the welcome bonus. Long established secure sites like bet365 offers to match 100 percent of the first deposit you’ve made along with free spins. Obviously, not all sites are this generous but most of them matches up to 70 percent of your first deposit. Check out a review about bet365 to learn more about the welcome bonus.

Don’t make biased decisions

We know that it’s your favorite team or a player,  but if the odds look bad for him, believe us, it is. Being loyal to your team doesn’t mean that you have to waste your money by placing unlikely bet on them. Even if you think that you’re not biased, you’ll be unconsciously leaning towards your favorite player. So our best advice is if you’re not absolutely sure, avoid the team that you root for if you want to beat the bookies. Of course if they’re likely to win the match, then you shouldn’t hesitate about it.

Avoid following the crowd when you’re betting on a match. Our nature forces us to keep with the crowd to be safe. However, we should fight with this instinct in order to beat the bookies. Most of the people who bet on sports are not that informed about betting. They just want to add extra fun while watching the game. So if you want to actually make a profit, you should do your own research.

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