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ambling in Senegal

Although Senegal is a predominately Muslim country, most forms of gambling here are legal. In order for a gambling establishment to operate here, they must obtain a license from the government.

Casinos are legal and regulated in Senegal. As of July 2016 there are five land-based casinos in the country. All of these casinos offer a number of table games and slot machines to players.

Poker is legal to play in Senegal, but only in a licensed gambling establishment. At least three of the five casinos here offer poker rooms to players. Penalties for getting caught playing poker in an unlicensed gambling establishment can lead to fines and even jail time.

Traditional sports betting is one of the few forms of gambling that is not entirely legal in Senegal. The only sport that you can bet on here is horse racing. LONASE, Senegal’s only legal gambling provider, offers betting lines on both domestic and foreign horse races.

LONASE also offers a national lottery to players. They offer individual scratch cards, as well as tickets for their televised lottery called TeleMillions.

Online Gambling in Senegal

Online gambling is currently unregulated, but most likely legal in Senegal. LONASE, the country’s only legal gambling provider, does not currently offer any types of online games, but that could change in the future.

LONASE signed a deal with SEJEUX to expand their gambling games into the digital realm. The deal was for five years, and would allow LONASE to offer a wide range of internet gambling games including online horse racing and football.