How to Become a Professional Baccarat Player


Posted: August 13, 2020

Updated: August 13, 2020

  • Playing baccarat professionally takes more than just knowing the game
  • Playing baccarat online can be beneficial if you're considering earning a living by gambling
  • Bet365 is the best place to start for the baccarat players
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As of 2019, the gambling market size has reached around $565.4 billion dollars, and is expected to grow at 5.9% annually. Compare to the other gaming markets, the growth may not sound that big. However, it’s one of the most steady markets among them all. It’s no wonder why people would want to be part of this huge scheme by becoming professional in the field. Here, we’ll guide you through how to become a professional baccarat player.

Being a professional baccarat player sounds like a pretty desirable job for anyone. After all, who would not want to earn their living from the side of the casino table? The prize money is considerably higher than any average day-time job too. However, there’s a reason why only a few choose this as a legitimate career option. Even though the reward may be high in the short time, it’s mathematically impossible to beat the house in the long term. Considering the odds of any game, even if it looks like you’re winning at the moment, the house will be making more revenue from you than you are from them. Surprisingly, there are a few people who have succeeded in turning the tables onto their side. So the question remains, how to become a professional baccarat player?

What is a baccarat?

First things first, let’s talk about baccarat itself a little. Majority of the gamblers know that being a professional gambler has its lows and highs. As most people don’t realize, in order to gamble professionally, one needs to know much more than just the game. They need to have an extensive knowledge of statistics, mathematics and finance.

One of the first steps to become a professional gambler is to specialize in one game. When choosing the game, it’s important to not only look at the games that you like or good at, but the odds of the game too. In order to know more about how to become a professional gambler in general, take a look at an article in our site. From our research taken from the online gambling sites in the UK, we’ve found out that the baccarat is one of the classic casino games with the best odds for the players.

Other reason why we would recommend learning how to become a professional baccarat player is that it’s easier than most of the games. Dating back to the 15th century, when the soldiers coming home from France and Italy has introduced the game, it’s surprisingly simple game to learn. It’s a comparing game between the banker and player’s card and the player needs to guess the outcome. There are only three outcomes of the game- either player has a higher card, or the banker, or it’s a tie.

how to become a professional baccarat player
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Is it possible to learn how to become a professional baccarat player?

As we’ve mentioned before, the house always has an edge when it comes to classic casino games. However, for baccarat the edge is only around 1 percent. Even though the house has an edge, it’s possible to earn money while playing baccarat if you can find the right balance. Many wonder how it’s possible to become a professional baccarat player if the house has an edge.

While it’s hard to make a living only by playing baccarat, you can make a good amount of money by using some strategies. Baccarat is more of a luck game unlike blackjack, where you can beat the odds with mathematical approach. So the best way to earn as much as money possible from the baccarat is to use online casinos in the UK. In fact, our first advice on how to become a professional baccarat player is to look into online casinos instead of land ones. The game odds are not that different in the online casino sites. However, the online casino giveaway bonuses give a chance for the players to earn more than they spend. One of the best sites to play baccarat is bet365 casino. Along with almost all of the classic casino games, bet365 offers the best-possible privacy protection for their users.

How to become a professional baccarat player- Strategies on how to earn money while playing baccarat

Being a professional is really different from being a casual player that hits the casinos once in a week to have fun. After all, you’ll be playing to earn your living and not just to get the thrill. So if you’re considering learning how to become a professional baccarat player, you should learn the basic strategies first.

Be prepared to lose

As with any other games, it’s evident that you’ll lose. Even if you were living in a perfect world with ideal situation, you’ll lose one-third of the time. So when you first walk into the casino, make sure that you can afford some losses. The thing about casino is that you have to have a strong mentality. It’s impossible to keep your mind straight and play profitably when you’re afraid of losing. Simply put, the first rule of learning how to play baccarat professionally is to get in terms with the fact that you’ll lose.

how to become a professional baccarat player
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Go for the banker when you have a chance

Statistically, banker has around 1 percent edge of winning than any other bets. So it’d be smart to go for the banker bet whenever you have the chance. However, in order to not give the player too much advantage, the house takes 5 percent commission on any bet made from the banker bet. The commission varies in each casino so make sure to check it before you play.

Wait for one round after a banker lose

When your strike for the banker gets broken, you shouldn’t race to bet on the next game. Most of the professional players wait for one round after banker’s loss. Then whatever the next game’s outcome should be your next bet. It’s common that the winning will continue on for at least two more rounds.

Don’t bet on a tie

When neither banker nor player win, or in other words when they have the same hand, it’s a tie. As you can probably guess, the chance of winning a bet on tie is much lower than the other two. It’s better to forget about this bet if you’re planning on keeping a steady income. In order to encourage the players, most of the casinos offer a considerably larger prize for the tie bet. Lots of the amateur players fell for this and end up losing money.

Be careful of the mini-baccarat

One of the well-known variations of a baccarat in the online casinos is mini baccarat. The table minimum of a mini baccarat is much less than the traditional one. However, here the dealer deals the cards instead of a player. Also, the speed of the game is much more fast-paced. In a classic baccarat game, there’s around 40 decisions per hour, while it’s somewhat around 150 to 200 for the mini-baccarat. When the house edge is around 1.05 percent, as average, your loss would be much higher in mini-baccarat.

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