Best AliExpress Goods for Gamblers


Posted: July 15, 2021

Updated: July 15, 2021

  • When choosing gifts for our loved ones, we want to believe that they will make them a little happier
  • Most make gifts without even thinking about who they are for
  • Since our site is dedicated to gambling, below is a list of the best AliExpress goods for gamblers

When choosing gifts for our loved ones, we want to believe that they will make them a little happier. Most make gifts without even thinking about who they are for. However, for all those who are not indifferent to the recipients of gifts themselves, and for those who want to make their loved ones or acquaintances happy for the present, and not just for show, we have compiled this list. So, since our site is dedicated to gambling, below is a list of the best AliExpress goods for gamblers. Let’s check it out!

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Portable Texas Holdem Poker Set

Best AliExpress Goods for Gamblers
This Texas Holdem Board Game is an affordable and noticeably simpler set for not too demanding players. 200 light tokens with a printed face value with a margin are enough for a small company of four people. What is more, the set includes the dealer’s chips, as well as the big and small blinds. The sum of denominations is 7050. Usually, chips are made of plastic. Besides, the bundled two decks of cards are of good workmanship. The set is supplied in a metal box. It also comes with a green cloth for enhanced playability and more immersion. The total weight of the kit is just under 1.6kg / 3.5lb. 

The pros of this set are its low weight, the optimal number of chips, a green cloth for the poker table, as well as a convenient carrying case. However, the quality of the chips is inferior to the options from the more expensive sets. All in all, it is an inexpensive set for playing in a small amateur company. Therefore, it is one of the best AliExpress goods for gamblers. The disadvantage of the kit is the not too high quality of the chips, which is somewhat smoothed out by the moderate price of the kit, as well as by the presence of cloth and a convenient carrying case. Feel the atmosphere of a land-based casino from any place at any time. You can also try your luck in the Intertops Casino

Best AliExpress goods for gamblers: 24K Gold Playing Cards 

Best AliExpress Goods for Gamblers
Gift sets for playing poker or throw-in are sometimes made with great taste and originality. For example, 24K Gold Playing Cards Gift Collection. For lovers of luxury goods, a set is created from good-quality waterproof materials. Indeed, a luxurious gold foil poker deck of playing cards is the best gift for a gambler. Clear three-dimensional patterns, different grains, refractive texture, shining like gold will not leave anyone indifferent. This set of 52 + 2 cards and is also packaged in an attractive gold box. Besides its complete artistic value, you can play your favorite games with them.

Moreover, the materials these cards are made of are highly flexible, durable, anti-scratch, non-fading, and waterproof while being eco-friendly. What is more, the advanced high-temperature laser hot stamping technology is applied to the card pattern. Due to the difference between the lights, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item. Anyway, they will shine even underwater. Check our list of the Best Gifts For Online Gamblers to have more options. And while you are looking for something special visit online casinos in the USA.

10 inch Roulette Game Set 

Best AliExpress Goods for Gamblers
You can buy, perhaps, everything in online stores. But for us, the attributes for playing roulette at home are of particular interest. Let’s ignore the two thousand dollar wheels. Here we will review the roulette game inventory in the price range available to most. Indeed, here we are looking at the best AliExpress goods for gamblers. So, what do the manufacturers of equipment for home gambling of roulette offer? 10 inch Roulette Game Set includes:

  • Roulette wheel;
  • Tablecloth;
  • 60 chips;
  • Chips collecting rake;
  • 2 steel balls.

This table game with its compactness and versatility is of good quality and thoughtfulness. The main attribute of this set is a cloth with the appropriate markings. Professionals may be indignant. However, for a narrow home circle, for friends or family tournaments, such a kit is what you need. Indeed, the set will allow you to replenish your arsenal of knowledge in the field of gambling, as well as gain invaluable skills and experience. And thanks to its small size and neat packaging, it is an excellent solution for trips and out-of-town recreation. Of course, you can always visit the Intertops Casino and practice your skills.

Best AliExpress goods for gamblers: Gambling Table

Playing poker at a solid table is a pleasure. Amateurs often want to save money and are limited to purchasing poker cloth. As a rule, its size is 90×180, it is impregnated with a special compound that repels dirt and water. This option is not suitable for professionals. Each establishment has special poker tables. Firstly, it is a matter of status and prestige, and secondly, a guarantee of a pleasant game. Let’s try to figure out what these pieces of furniture are for comfortable excitement. 

JIESITE Gambling Table has a good quality tablecloth. Scotch tape is protected to be waterproof for spill resistance and won’t clog like standard covers found on many cheap tables. Besides, high-quality dye-sublimation ink is used for marking the tablecloth. What is more, you will find 7 large cup holders available on the table. Thus, you can enjoy your drink while not distracting from the game process. Extra thick foam padding is also there for superior table comfort while gaming. And quick-fold metal legs allow instant installation and removal. Also, they reduce storage space and make it easier to transport your table. Learn more about What Can Be the Best Gift for the Gambler.

Mah-Jong Set 

Best AliExpress Goods for Gamblers
This is a Chinese game, widespread in all countries of the East. It is also known as majiang and ping-yin. Indeed, mahjong is to some extent a combination of dominoes, dice, and card games. Even though myth ascribes its appearance during the time of Confucius to this game, there is no evidence of the existence of mahjong before 1850-1870. According to the popular version, the game brings up the three main qualities of a person according to Confucius: moderation, sincerity, and respect. Success depends on observation, the ability to quickly navigate the situation, game experience, to a small extent – on luck

Mahjong is played by four people. Therefore, the game is good for friendly meetings or entertainment in a small family company. Nevertheless, using the rules of solitaire, you can play mahjong on your own. Indeed, this is very attractive for a situation when you need to pass the time. In this Mah-Jong set, all the chips are made to stand independently on a flat surface (without using special guides). The design is traditional Chinese with wood. The set includes game dice and a stand for marking chips. Mahjong comes in a beautiful box that makes it convenient to store and easy to take on the road. This is what makes this game one of the best AliExpress goods for gamblers. 



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