List of Best Casinos in Sweden That Will Satisfy Every Gambler

  • 4 main casinos in Sweden belong to the Cosmopol network
  • A Birka Cruises & Casino is the best non-land based casino
  • There are many online gambling options in Sweden too
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Cosmopol belongs to the best casinos in Scandinavia
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Sweden is known not only as a beautiful northern country but also as a gambling center of Scandinavia. Tourists go to Sweden for places worth to sightsee and to gamble. Our list of best casinos in Sweden will help to enjoy your Scandinavian holidays in all aspects.

Since gambling became legal in Sweden, the country started to attract even more visitors from around the globe. As an advanced country, Sweden can offer a wide range of casinos, poker clubs, sportsbooks, and slots to satisfy every pro in a gambling world.

Besides its land casinos, it is possible to gamble at online casino sites in Sweden. They offer a wide range of exciting games like those on GunsBet, where you can win good money. If you still prefer going to land gambling places, take a look at the list of top 5 best casinos in Sweden.

Casino in Sundsvall open the list of the best Swedish gambling places

Casino Cosmopol Sundvall is one of the country’s most popular gambling places. It occupies a modern building in the city center, so is easily accessible. Sundsvall itself has a nice location right in the middle of the country. The city is also worth visiting due to its beautiful nature, architecture, and access to the Gulf of Bothnia.

Despite Cosmopol Sundvall occupies two floors in the city center, it is considered to be a midsize casino. The gambling place has 150 slots to offer for its visitors along with 15 various table games. The casino works daily from 3 pm to 3 am, so you can enjoy gambling there when it will be too dark to sightsee the city.

Birka Cruises is the best on-water casino in Sweden

best casinos in Sweden, gambling in Sweden, online casinog
Have you ever been to Stockholm? [Bengt Nyman from Vaxholm, Sweden [CC BY] via Wikimedia Commons]
A luxurious Birka Cruises & Casino is the best place to enjoy non-land based gambling. Based in Stockholm, this five-star ferry has everything you need to have a nice gambling holiday. It offers card games and roulettes along with slots for the guests. There are also gambling lessons for those who want to try their luck for the first time.

Most of the cruise liners of Birka Cruises survived a renovation since 2016 and look absolutely stunning now. There are indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, bars and everything you need for a comfortable stay. 

Cosmopol in Gothenburg is one of the largest casinos in Sweden

Officially named as Casino Cosmopol in Gothenburg, this nice gambling place is worth your attention. The casino is situated in the second-largest city of Sweden on its west coast. Cosmopol in Gothenburg remains one of the country’s largest casinos as it housed in a 19th-century former customs house right on the embankment.

The casino offers its guests a wide variety of gaming options. There are slots, card games, and roulettes, which are either traditional or having Swedish features. It works from 11 am to 3 pm, so every gambler can enjoy gaming at his/her free time. Cosmopol also serves drinks and meals, which is another plus in staying there. Finally, the Gothenburg city is big and beautiful enough to stay there for a gambling holiday.

Casino in Stockholm offers the most various gaming options

Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm is a luxurious place in the country’s capital. It occupies a huge building with a great location right in the city heart. The casino works until 5 am, which is very suitable for those who come to enjoy gambling in full measure.

Stockholm Cosmopol casino is remarkable by its wide range of gaming options. Here gamblers can play poker, blackjack, roulettes, bet on sports and way more. According to casino news in Sweden, Cosmopol possesses almost 50 slot machines, which is the largest number among all gambling places in the country. As one of the best casinos in Sweden, Cosmopol Stockholm can satisfy every gambler.

Cosmopol in Malmo leads the list of the best casinos in Sweden

best casinos in Sweden, gambling in Sweden, online casino
A good reason to visit Sweden [Sundsvall [CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons]
Quiet and cozy, Cosmopol casino in Malmo tops our list of the best casinos in Sweden. The gambling place occupies a large complex in a green Malmo area, which is perfect for enjoying gaming. The casino houses a two-floor building and offers a wide range of activities besides gambling. There are restaurants, sports bars, and various live shows, which entertain guests every day.

The casino itself can boast with more than 200 slots and 32 game tables. Gamble pros and amateurs can find almost every kind of gaming here, from poker to blackjack. Cosmopol Malmo works daily from 1 pm to 3 am, so don’t miss the chance to visit one of the best casinos in Sweden.

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