Bet on Jason Doyle to be Speedway World Championship 2018 Winner

Jason Doyle is arguably the most dedicated motorcycle speedway rider in the world. Injuries can’t discourage him from the competition in the least. So, the winner of Speedway World Championship 2018, will it be Jason Doyle?

Eleven Grand Prix events combined will determine the Speedway World Championship 2018 winner. According to online gambling news in Australia, May 12 is the date of the first GP in Warsaw, Poland. The last one around October will be held in Melbourne, Australia. Needless to say speedway racing is a lifestyle. It’s all about living for the danger. After all, you are speeding sometimes up to 110 kilometres per hour with a helmet as your only protection. Incidents could occur just like Jason Doyle’s cases.

Counting Down Jason Doyle’s Injuries

Do you know how many injuries Jason Doyle has suffered to become 2017 Speedway World Champion? We’ll only go back three years during Jason’s quest. It’s quite impressive that Jason won the 2017 World Championship with a broken foot. Compared to his other injuries though, this one was nothing.

Jason was among the leading riders in 2016 Speedway. At the Poland GP, things took a sour turn. A crash left him with a dislocated shoulder, elbow, punctured lung and 9 broken ribs. That’s not the worst. In 2015, he was qualified to compete in the GP Final but had to pass because a motorcycle crash broke his neck!

Bet on Jason Doyle to be Speedway World Championship 2018 Winner

Online gambling sites in Australia estimate the highest odds for Jason Doyle to be Speedway World Championship 2018 winner at 9/4. This comes as no surprise because Jason has both the will and the guts to win this daring race.

On the other hand, we’d say that both Patryk Dudek (5/1) and Tai Woffinden (5/1) are also good betting options based on the 2017 Speedway standings. They are ranked on the second and third place after Jason Doyle, respectively. VBet Sportsbook, then, is the best place to bet on Speedway World Championship 2018 winner!

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