Bet on Lady Gaga to Win Awards in 2020

  • Lady Gaga is nominated for the 2020 Grammy for A Star Is Born
  • Another song from an Oscar-winning film will compete for awards
  • The pop queen is rumored to release her next album next year
bet on lady gaga, grammy 2020 odds, 1xbet
The pop legend will release new music in 2020
Image source: Flickr.com

Last year was a huge success for Lady Gaga and her breakthrough in the film A Star Is Born. The pop icon won a lot of awards for her hit song Shallow, including Grammy and Oscars. This year, you can bet on Lady Gaga to keep on collecting prizes for her performance in the movie. Or maybe for her 6th album?

A Star Is Born by Bradley Cooper was out in fall 2018 and became a big success for him and Lady Gaga, who played the lead female role. A 33-years-old pop star gained appraisal for her acting skills & for performing Shallow. This lead song from the film became #1 in Billboard Hot100 and broke the record as the most-awarded composition ever. Lady Gaga won 2 Grammys for Shallow, Golden Globe, and Oscars in 2019 but this isn’t it. 

This year, Lady Gaga can collect one more prize for another hit from the successful movie. Moreover, there are rumors that she will release the long-awaited album soon, which can bring her even more awards. Let’s see all the predictions that touch upon Gaga’s chances to shine in 2020.

Bet on Lady Gaga to win Grammy for a song from A Star Is Born… again

bet on lady gaga, grammy 2020 odds, 1xbet
Lady Gaga’s performance in A Star Is Born still brings her awards [Lee Chu from Flickr.com [CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons]
It seems that Bradley Cooper made a film for ages. His A Star Is Born keeps on collecting nominations even 1,5 years since its release. According to online sportsbooks in the US, Always Remember Us This Way, which he & Gaga performed in the film, will compete for the Grammy this February. 

Always Remember Us This Way is the third single from the soundtrack album of the film. It follows an Oscar-winning Shallow and I’ll Never Love Again. The single was warmly welcomed by the audience, while its music video has almost 200 million views on Youtube. No wonder that Always Remember Us This Way joined Bad Guy and Lover in the Song of the Year nomination. In fact, the pop queen has really good chances to outran Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift in this category. Betting odds on Gaga to win vary – 15.00 at 1xBet Sportsbook and 13.00 at Bet365 – but are still better than Lana Del Rey’s ones. So, you can bet on Lady Gaga to take her 10th Grammy this year.

Will Gaga release new songs this year?

The other song from A Star Is Born is not the only chance for the pop icon to put new statuettes on her shelf. Bet on Lady Gaga to release a new album this year, which she and her fans unofficially call LG6. Following the Interscope Records list of releases, Gaga should have completed LG6 last year but we all know she didn’t. Therefore, the singer will do it in 2020. Lady Gaga said that she is still in the process of making new music and promised to be back with her solo album soon. So, if you are waiting for the return of the pop queen, bet on Lady Gaga to collect more awards with LG6.

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