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Gambling in Kyrgyzstan

All forms of gambling are banned in Kyrgyzstan from January 1st 2012 following the government’s decision. After the proposal for such a law change was brought before the Parliament, the authorities decided to ban all import of gambling equipment and machines. It was also decided that all the existing ones will be confiscated if gambling establishments didn’t close in three months’ period after the law went into effect.

The official reasoning behind the government’s decision was that the existence of casinos and gambling halls has a negative effect on the population’s moral and physical state. However, the decision was met with heavy opposition on behalf of casino owners and general population.

The current state of affairs is uncertain. Although gambling is officially banned there are still over 20 casinos and 50 gambling halls operating in Kyrgyzstan.

Online gambling in Kyrgyzstan

Ever since the law banning all gambling in Kyrgyzstan was enacted, the online gambling activities were also deemed illegal. But just as with the current uncertainty with land-based gambling in the country, the online gambling is also in a state of limbo. Kyrgyz players can still access online gambling destinations from their computers, but there are no local online casinos or poker sites so all they can do is gamble at foreign-based ones.

Another problem for Kyrgyz players is the language, none of the foreign-based online gambling destination offer their services in Kyrgyz, but luckily most of the population speaks Russian and there are lots of online gambling sites available in that language.