Bet On Trump’s Resignation: When, If Ever?

Donald Trump Leaving White House

Donald J. Trump hardly even became President of the United States officially, yet online sportsbooks in the US already see him failing. Do you think he will be able to hold on or not? Bet on Trump’s resignation now!

It’s official: for 4 days now, Donald J. Trump has been the President of the most powerful country in the whole wide world. Not everyone was too happy about him winning the elections and many people gave voice to their concerns (Women’s March?). However, there’s not much more to be done anymore. Democracy rules, people rule and the people chose and the people voted. For Donald J. Trump. However, not everyone is so optimistic about this new era of American politics. Online sportsbooks in the US already started offering political betting markets where online gamblers can bet on Trump’s resignation. If you want to place a bet on Trump to step down before his time is up, you better take a look at Betfair’s offers. They expect Trump to finish his first term: the odds for this market are 1.57 (4/7) while those for Trump to leave are 2.25 (5/4).

Is Trump impeachment possible?

If anything, electing Trump has taught us that anything is possible in this world. Even it is possible for Donald Trump to step down due to impeachment. Ladbrokes has set 2.00 (1/1) odds for Trump to be impeached, which is not a very high odds so the online sportsbook in the UK might actually believe in this to happen.

In addition, at the best online sportsbooks, one can even bet on the exact date when Trump will move out of the White House. You can also bet on the year at Betfair. The odds for Trump to leave in 2017 are 6.20 (26/5), while those for him to stay until at least 2020 are 1.67 (4/6).

Cast a… bet on the man? (Photo: Media Salon)

If you think he will leave in between, you can still place your bets on him to do so! If you want to bet on Trump’s resignation to happen in 2018, your odds are the same as those for 2017: 6.20 (26/5). If you expect Trump to be impeached in 2019, you can bet on it for 6.60 (28/5) odds.

Bet on Trump’s first overseas visits as well!

If you believe in the new American President and would prefer not to bet against Trump but actually bet on politics, then visit Paddy Power’s political betting site where you can also find special Trump betting odds! For example, you can bet on Trump’s first overseas visit as the President of the United States!

There are some pretty strange markets at one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the world: if you think Trump’s first visit will lead to North Korea, take 201.00 (200/1) times your stake. A more likely scenario is that he will visit Putin’s Russia. The odds for that to happen are 2.20 (6/5). However, you might want to look into countries like Czech Republic or Hungary as the leaders of these countries were the first ones in Europe to officially support Trump – even before he became President-Elect.

Do you know of any other Trump betting odds that you would like to share with us, or you have your opinion about the above mentioned possibilities? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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