Bet on Wayne Rooney to play at the Euros…or not!


Posted: March 30, 2016

Updated: March 30, 2016

After England’s scintillating performance against Germany, we have to ask: would you bet on Wayne Rooney to get back in the England team?

Odds from Betsafe Sportsbook :
Will Wayne Rooney start any Euro 2016 match?

  • Yes at 1.01 (1/100)
  • No at 11.50 (21/2)

If you bet on sports in the UK, Betsafe Sportsbook, have an interesting proposition to consider! Will Wayne Rooney start the opening, or any, game at this year’s Euro 2016 Championship in France?

He may be captain and record goalscorer for his country, but some were saying he was past it even before his recent injury. With the emergence of Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane as lethal finishers in the Premier League, not to mention the return of Sturridge and Welbeck from injury, Wayne has a lot of competition up front.

With Ross Barkley and Dele Alli also having terrific seasons, there’s not even room for Rooney at number 10. This leaves Hodgson with a tough decision: leave out someone young and in-form, who impressed in England’s comeback against Germany; or leave out Rooney, the team’s leader and star for over a decade, who has amassed over 51 goals in over 100 caps.

How to bet on Wayne Rooney and if he will play this summer

Odds from Betsafe Sportsbook :
Will Wayne Rooney to start England’s first Euro 2016 match?

  • Yes at 1.35 (7/20)
  • No at 3.00 (2/1)

Betsafe Sportsbook have two ways to bet on Wayne Rooney. First, you can bet on whether he’ll start any match. Alternatively, you can bet on whether he’ll start England’s opening match against Russia, in Marseille on 11th June.

Bet on Wayne Rooney if you are going ot bet on football at Euro 2016

Will Rooney escape the bench this summer? (Photo: Express)

Arguments for Yes:

  • Roy Hodgson likes him. He has scored almost a quarter of England’s goals since Hodgson took over in 2012.
  • Hodgson likes experience. Roy is a traditional manager, and with such a young squad he will be keen to include somebody who has seen it all before.

Arguments for No:

  • Even before his injury, his form wasn’t good enough. He’s scored 7 league goals this season. Kane and Vardy have 21 and 19 respectively.
  • He might be a sub. Hodgson might settle for Rooney on the bench, coming on in the later stages to add some experience. He probably doesn’t have the legs for 90 minutes anyway.
  • He might get injured again! Rooney has a history of pre-tournament injuries. Whether it’s a recurrence of his current knee troubles, or something new, it’s hardly certain he’ll be fit in June.

Our Verdict:

Bet on Wayne Rooney not to start any game of Euro 2016. With odds of 11.50 (21/2) at Betsafe Sportsbook, it’s worth gambling on a recurrence of injury, or Hodgson seeing sense. He can still feature as a sub. And, knowing England, it’ll be big gambling news if they play more than three matches anyway!

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