Betting on EURO 2016 Qualifiers – Tuesday October 14

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18 teams will square off against one another tonight where they will aim to fight for the chance to represent their nations at the EUROs in less than two years from now.

Since its inception in 1960, the European football championship has become one of the most important tournaments on the continent. Unlike the World Cup where 32 nations from all over the globe qualify for the finals, the EURO affords more chances to teams to enter a major competition and represent their country on a grand event.

France has so far staged the tournament on two previous occasions: the inaugural competition in 1960 and the second time in 1984. Since the last time they hosted the EURO championship, football has evolved greatly which will mark another great era in the sport. Tonight’s games will hopefully help the teams make progress in qualifying and achieve their aspirations.

Group D offers some interesting encounters

• Switzerland have a chance to record points against San Marino

• Denmark will go up against Portugal

• Germany expected to be routine winners against Ireland

Germany will host Ireland in a game that should be a routine win for the recently crowned World Champions. Mobile betting site Bet365 is strongly favoring the Germans for the win, considering the abundance of talent in their squad and also the fact that they will be playing at home. Their odds for success are 1.25 (1/4), while an Ireland win seems unlikely 15.00 (14/1).

Perhaps it would be better for punters to try their hand at some other market that contains higher odds. Placing a wager on Thomas Muller scoring 1.80 (4/5) might seem like a more lucrative pursuit, while Mario Gotze also has a chance of finding the back of the net 2.20 (6/5). Germany is currently in third place, so a win should see them make better progress.

Group D also boasts the likes of Georgia and Gibraltar, and tonight the former will visit the latter where they will hope to seal a win. Both teams have 0 points from their two games, however Georgia has more depth in their squad, so they might emerge as victors from the clash 1.17 (1/6), while a draw stands at 8.00 (7/1).

Poland is currently the leader of Group D with 2 wins and with a total of 9 scored goals against opponents and without conceding a single time. Their next challenge lies against Scotland, however many believe that Poland will be able to continue their current momentum and seal another win 1.85 (17/20).

Plenty of exciting fixtures in Group F

Northern Ireland is enjoying unprecedented success as so far they have been able to record two victories which out them on top of Group F. Tonight they will play against Greece who sits in fourth place with 1 point. Despite their success, online sportsbooks in the UK are not convinced they can pull off a win this evening, with the Greeks playing favorites 1.60 (3/5).

Hungary will face harsh conditions are they travel to the Faroe Islands where many teams have known to flop. However, Bet365 is convinced they can emerge victories form the match with current odds being 1.36 (4/11). Should they win, it would add to their current 1 point and help them jump a few places in their group.

Finland is second in Group F with 4 points from their two matches. Romania also boasts 4 points however they are in third place due to goal difference. The Scandinavians play hosts tonight where they are deemed to have the capacity to seal a victory 2.63 (13/8), while Romania will be trying to defy their odds with current chances being 3.10 (21/10).

Groups E and I contain fun matches

Switzerland was somewhat successful in making a mark during last summer’s World Cup, however now they sit at the bottom of Group E with 0 points. However, in tonight’s game against weaker opponent San Marino they will have the opportunity to mount a challenge to climb up in Group E with odds of 1.01 (1/100) for a win.

Portugal will visit Denmark where they will aim to find discovering their winnings ways, as so far they are stranded at the bottom of Group I with 0 points from 1 game. With the uncertainty of Ronaldo’s injury lingering over the Portugal team, Denmark may look to build on the visiting nation’s disadvantage with odds for a win being 3.40 (12/5).

Although Portugal are favorites heading into the match 2.30 (13/10), gambling news reports that they may face a difficult challenge. So punters that want to play it safe may consider wagering on a draw for this encounter 3.40 (12/5).

Serbia will play Albania at home so it is easy to see why Bet365 has assigned odds of 1.53 (8/15) for the hosts. Despite losing their first game of the qualifiers, Serbians still maintain great talents that can make a difference. A draw stands at 4.00 (3/1) while an unlikely win for the visiting Albanians is rather high at 8.00 (7/1).

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