Betting on NFL Week 1: Things to Watch Out For

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With the football season in full swing, bettors are looking at ways to deepen their pockets as each NFL week serves as a lucrative winning opportunity.

Once the NFL season commences many gambling individuals start exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each team to see how they should play out their bets. Many anticipate Week 1 with great fervor as it offers the long-awaited time for placing bets on sports in the US.

However, some would argue that it I perhaps better to wait for some time before placing any bets. Week 1 can sometimes be unpredictable and tricky in terms of results, considering that preseason performance is not always the best indicator for follow-up success. Nevertheless, avid bettors know where the pitfalls of the first week lie and make sure to avoid them.

Chargers vs Cardinals

• NFL Week 1 is unpredictable

• Preseason results not always objective

• Eli Manning looking to shine once again

The San Diego Charges will be put to the test on home soil against the Arizona Cardinals. The Chargers lead the way in terms of best against-the-spread numbers in the NFL, considering that they have been a regular underdog for the past ten years. They have recorded a huge 70% clip (28-12-4) over that course of time.

Currently, many teams like to make use of the fast-paced offense that brings about a large number of scores every games. It is still waiting to be seen if this no-huddle dynamic style of play will turn into an effective gameplay in the long run, however now at least the games are considered to be quite exciting and moving forward in play rapidly.

Perhaps a safe bet would be to play the over mark for the teams that play offensive football. Many online gambling sites in the US believe that a similar feature can be recorded that was achieved in previous editions of the NFL.

Last season, the 10 teams that played the fastest style of football between plays was 92-67-1 for the Overs. The teams that were a part of this included: Minnesota, Baltimore, New England, Jacksonville, Denver, Philadelphia, Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland and Washington. The year before that, the top five quickest teams achieved an Over mark of 44-34-2.

Lions vs Giants

The Detroit Lions will be looking to record a win in their home stadium against the New York Giants. Both of the teams have seen some changes made to their squads in efforts to clinch the championship.

Last season, the Lions were basically given the NFC North title without having to really work for it, only to see them put on a lackluster performance later on. Jim Caldwell took over the coaching reigns of Jim Schwartz, as the latter lost his job due to bad results. So the Lions still have some managing and staff elements to out for the team to run smoothly.

In the years before, the Giants heavily relied on quarterback Eli Manning for his fine skills as he would rush the opposing passer and carry the football effectively. Unfortunately for them, last year they didn’t manage to replicate the same level if success, as Manning was eventually rendered ineffective while also missing out on postseason for the second year in row.

According to gambling news, experienced bettors have put forward two options for this game. The Giants might put on an uncertain and highly stressful show for their fans or the Lions will manage to win by 20, considering their home field advantage. Should the game turn out to be close, then Manning may once again put out his best performance.

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