Betting on Redskins to Win 2015 Super Bowl Now Can Lead to a Hefty Payout

Posted: March 31, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Placing early 2015 Super Bowl bets now can lead to huge payouts, due to bookies lowering certain betting offers.

Betting on 2015 Super Bowl is already under way at land-based and online sportsbooks in the United States. Placing wagers this early could lead to punters capitalizing on great odds and cashing in big.

One of the best-earning bets so far is on the Redskins to win the next Super Bowl. Bruce Allen’s front office took it slow during the first days of free agency splash. The team didn’t make the mistakes the competition committed. Although some fans are disappointed that Aqib Talik or Jairus Byrd haven’t been signed.

But there’s a good side to the story: the sportsbooks were disappointed with the team’s moves as well. One renowned bookie accepting wagers from those who want to bet on sports in the USA, Bovada, puts the Redskins as 50/1 favorites to win the Super Bowl next year. Considering that only last week they were 40/1, it’s quite a difference, and many punters will definitely want to take advantage of this.

Comments from the betting experts

Bovada sportsbook manager, Kevin Bradley, has been quoted by the American gambling laws, saying: “Unless a quarterback or star running back moves teams, it is pretty rare that one player in the NFL will have a big impact on Super Bowl odds, but we have seen some slight movement since free agency began. The Green Bay Packers have seen some money over the last week, getting Peppers no doubt contributed to that, and have gone from 16/1 to 10/1.”

He went on to add: “Meanwhile the Denver Broncos who have bolstered up their defense a touch have also dropped from 8/1 to 7/1, but are not seeing any backing by our bettors. The Eagles would be the other team that has moved from 25/1 to 18/1 as a result of them being pretty active in the market through keeping their own free agents, trades, and free agent signings.”

Following this detailed explanation of how odds’ movement has little to do with the players’ signing, Bovada moved to raise the odds against the Redskins.

Sportsbooks are using odds to entice bettors

Land-based and online bookies are usually using their betting offers to go after the bettors’ money. When big names are signed by certain teams raises the confidence of punters, and bookmakers lower their odds, but still get the betting money. But in this case, the odds don’t really represent a true prediction, which makes them even more attractive for bettors.

Early 2015 Super Bowl betting can lead to big payouts

• Betting on the next Super Bowl at online sportsbooks in the US now can lead to big wins

• Odds for certain teams have been lowered when the free agency period started

• Bookies are enticing bettors by lowering their odds

When looking at the financial markets, smart players always buy declining stock of the company they are confident in. Buy low, sell high has always been the motto of Wall Street. But at the same time it is the hardest investment to do, and small investors are usually waiting for the trend to go upward.

It’s the same with casual bettors, they are waiting for the team to be on a roll, before placing their bets, but at this point the odds are already at their lowest and subsequently the payouts are way smaller. The current situation suggests that if you believe the Redskins can do it: now is the time to bet on the team.

Other opinions

David Elfin, a DC sports writer have expressed opinion that Bruce Allen made a good move by avoiding the same mistakes his competitors made. Similar comments came from John Keim of ESPN: “The Redskins have shown a methodical approach to free agency, and that won’t change. They’re not taking on bad contracts and should be set up nicely in terms of cap space for some big contracts in coming seasons.”

He added: “As far as remaining holes, the draft is considered deep at receiver, so there’s a good chance that position is addressed in the first several rounds. Inside linebacker and safety also could be early targets based on what they haven’t done in free agency.”

Previous mistakes

Remember the mistakes during the Snyder era, when the big name players chase has overshadowed selecting those who fit the scheme, back them proper management of the system has been sacrificed for gaming it. Those days are now over, and don’t forget that player acquisition lasts for months, not days.

Let’s wait for the Redskins to make important decisions and see how those will affect the odds. But once again, if you want to cash in big, this is the time to bet on them, but only if you are a true believer. Take a look at how odds have changed in a week

Team to win 2015 Super Bowl Last week’s odds This week’s odds
Seattle Seahawks 9/2 6/1
Denver Broncos 8/1 7/1
San Francisco 49ers 15/2 15/2
New England Patriots 14/1 9/1
Green Bay Packers 16/1 10/1
Philadelphia Eagles 25/1 18/1
Dallas Cowboys 33/1 40/1
New York Giants 33/1 40/1
Washington Redskins 40/1 50/1
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