Five Constituencies to Consider When Betting on Scottish Election Battlegrounds


Posted: April 30, 2021

Updated: April 30, 2021

  • Dumfriesshire promises one of most exciting races in the country
  • Dumbarton will likely witness a close fight between Labour and SNP
  • Aberdeenshire West will either go to SNP or Conservatives

People across Scotland are heading to the polls on 06 May to elect a new Scottish Parliament. There are wide speculations that the SNP will likely win with a big margin nationally. However, several constituencies may witness the stiff competition between different parties. We look here at five of them that you may consider when placing a bet on Scottish election battlegrounds.

It is almost certain that SNP will enjoy a landslide win, according to Scottish Parliamentary election odds. However, it does not mean that several key constituencies are guaranteed to be won by SNP. Instead, the party may lose some significant areas which will prevent it from gaining the overall majority in Holyrood.

These key constituencies are the likes of Aberdeenshire West, Edinburgh Western, Dumfriesshire, Dumbarton, and Perthshire South and Kinross-shire. Here is our preview of these constituencies and the favorites to win them. It can help you make some smart predictions before placing a bet on Scottish election battlegrounds.

Aberdeenshire West promises a close fight

The last election was held in 2016, where Scottish Tories won in Aberdeenshire West. SNP was placed second. This constituency was born in 2011 and the SNP won the first election. However, the political spectrum completely changed five years later, when the Conservative Alexander Burnett won. His victory came with only 2.6 percent over the SNP.

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The incumbent Burnett is currently seeking re-election. SNP’s former head of communications Fergus Mutch is the main challenger. It will likely be a close fight. But, 22BET Sportsbook suggests Conservative Burnett will probably win with a 1.91 odds. Whereas, Mr. Mutch stands at 1.72 to capture a victory.

Edinburgh Western targeted by Lib Dems and SNP

This seat was created in 2011, and it was largely targeted by Lib Dems and SNP. In 2011, SNP managed to snap the new seat of Edinburgh Western. After five years Lib Dems’ Alex Cole-Hamilton won the election. The 43-year-old Cole-Hamilton fancies to retain the seat this year with 1.14 odds. However, he is closely challenged by Sarah Masson of SNP who stands at 5 to win.

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Dumfriesshire likely to be retained by Conservatives

For years Dumfriesshire was considered a red region and Labour’s stronghold. However, in 2016, something strange happened. The  Labour Party came a distant third behind Conservative Oliver Mundell and the SNP’s Joan McAlpine. According to online sportsbook news in the United Kingdom, Dumfriesshire will likely have one of the most exciting races. Conservative Mundell and SNP’s McAlpine will face off again. The odds are in favor of Mundell at 1.8, but McAlpine is very close with 1.91 odds.

Labour faces a tough challenge from SNP in Dumbarton

Labour’s Jackie Baillie has been holding a Dumbarton seat since 1999. She has fought tough competitions over the years, mainly from the SNP. But she was able to win. However, this time online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom predict that the margin is tighter. In 2016, it was cut to only 109 votes.

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The candidate of SNP is Toni Giugliano, a mental health campaigner. He will be a tough challenger to Labour’s Baillie. If you consider betting on Scottish election battlegrounds, you may choose Labour with 1.62 odds to win Dumbarton. Otherwise, it will fall into SNP’s hands with 2.2 odds.

SNP won Perthshire South and Kinross-shire over two decades

This is a predominantly rural constituency. It has been held by the SNP since the 1990s. But, the Tories were always close behind over the past two decades. This year SNP has a new candidate in the constituency after Ms Cunningham announced retirement in 2020. He is Jim Fairlie who will likely face tough competition from the Tories candidate Liz Smith. His odds stand at 1.5 to win the election.

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