Betson Shows Remarkable Revenue Growth


A smart strategy has helped Betsson to its highest-ever first quarter revenues, following innovative solutions.

After recently securing its licence in the UK, Betsson is clearly on the rise. The Swedish online betting operator has reported its highest-ever earnings in the first period of the year. The first quarter revenue amounted to SEK 847.4 million showing an incredible 24% growth compared to last year’s SEK 686 million.

As mobile casinos are trending all over the world it is no surprise that the most significant increase in takings were experienced by the company’s portable operations. It makes 28% of total incomes with the revenue being up 131% to SEK233.3 million.

CEO is pleased by the results

The increase of the operating margin from 25% in the first quarter of the previous year to 28% in 2015 has helped the operating income to a rise of 39% up to SEK 238 million. A remarkable growth was noted in net takings as well from SEK 157.7 million to SEK 224.1million in just a year.

Magnus Silfverberg, president and chief executive officer, believes that the growth was encouraged by their operating strategy. The successful idea behind the upgrade is collecting several brands under the same roof and running them on one shared technical platform. We can expect the company to leave its mark on the world of online gambling sites in the EU.

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