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Online gambling in Tajikistan

The situation with gambling in Tajikistan is tricky. There have been some major changes in Tajik gambling laws recently in short banning all gambling in the country. However, the law hasn’t yet passed the Parliament, and therefore gambling still exists.

It all started back in 2000 when due to countless problems with taxes on gambling establishments, a law was enacted clearly limiting the operation of casinos and other gambling dens. There are currently only five casinos operating in the whole of Tajikistan, two of which are in the capital Dushanbe.
2005 saw another amendment to the gambling law coming into being.

A compulsory licensing of all gambling establishments has been introduced. It has been estimated that around 80% of the gambling proceeds will land in government’s coffers, but due to various taxation inconsistencies that figure was never reached.

Another bill was drafted in 2009, which could potentially ban all gambling activities in the country. However, it still hasn’t passed the Parliament and therefor gambling still remains legal in Tajikistan. It has been proposed that the existing casinos be reorganized into some sort of entertainment facilities that don’t include gambling. There are also talks to transfer casinos and other gambling halls into special dedicated zones outside the cities.

Online gambling in Tajikistan

Online gambling in Tajikistan is not outlawed, but there are very few Tajiks that actually do access online gambling establishments. The reasons are simple: internet is not very widespread, and although steps are being taken by the government to put the country online, it’s still very far compared to even neighboring countries.

There are no local online gambling operators, and the only way for Tajiks and foreigners living in Tajikistan who want to gamble online is to access off-shore based websites. Similarly to other countries of the region, there are a dozen interactive clubs in the country, where computers connected directly to various online gambling sites are offered.