Betware Gambling Software Certified Under New Spanish Gambling Laws

Betware online gambling software provider received the necessary certification to enter Spanish gaming market

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Gaming Zion has already covered the deal between Betware and CIRSA, the Spanish casino conglomerate, to supply CRISA with traditional and online casino software solutions, read more in our (Betware to Supply its Gaming Solutions to Spanish Operator CIRSA) article.

Hailing from Iceland, Betware completed the Spanish certification process administered by BMM Spain, and can now operate in full compliance with Spanish gambling laws. Among the gauntlets that Betware had to overcome in the certification process, was the complete review of its CRS system, which ensures that all requirements of the Spanish regulator are followed religiously by each licensee.

Betware CEO, Stefan Hrafnkelsson, told Spain gambling news: ”For over 15 years Betware has been focused on providing top quality products that follow the strictest regulations set forth by authorities. Our major goal is to offer products that allow our customers to focus their efforts on marketing and selling games to their players with Betware ensuring all regulatory requirements.”

The deal between Betware and Spanish gambling group CIRSA can propel the gaming operator to take one of the leading positions among online casinos in Spain after the market opens up. Betfair’s flexible and secure gaming platform is considered one of the best in the industry.

After the compliance of Betware platform with Spanish laws was confirmed by the country’s regulators, there seems to be no obstacles left for the renowned online gambling software provider to start building its brand name in Spain.

The successful presence on the Spanish market will surely bring more opportunities for the Icelandic gaming software company to secure more partnerships on other regulated markets. However, the Spanish gambling market, is a juicy pie in itself and establishing a strong recognition here will enable Betware to collect fruits for long years to come.

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