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Casinos in Spain

Casinos in Spain were not legal until 1977. Prior to that, only basic state-run lotteries were allowed. Since the legalization of casinos in Spain, they have become quite popular. Today there are over 60 large-scale casinos across the country. A few of Spain's casinos are owned by the state, but most are private. Taxes vary from region to region, but come to an average of 55% on gross revenues, plus a corporate tax on profits. Consequently, about two thirds of Spanish casinos have no taxable profits left at all.

Recent changes to Spanish law in 2012 created further competition by allowing legally licensed online casinos to operate. The brick-and-mortar scene was also expected to undergo a huge shakeup when US investor Sheldon Adelson’s plans to build a mega-resort called Eurovegas. But the casino magnate cancelled his plans in December 2013, following a disagreement with local authorities over taxes and the smoking ban in casinos.

Online Casinos in Spain

Law 13/2011 on Gambling opened the door to online operators to become legally licensed in Spain from June 2012. Dozens of companies have seized the opportunity to launch their very own dot-es online casinos, which are now a regular feature of the virtual landscape.

Until July 2014, Spanish internet casinos were only allowed to offer roulette, poker, bingo, blackjack, and baccarat, but slots were prohibited. However, now the Spanish government has published new regulations and included slot games and exchange betting on the list of legal online gambling services.

The Spanish regulating body - Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego – is currently receiving license applications and the whole process is expected to take about six months, with the first Spanish-licensed online slot games going live by January 1, 2015.

Although many Spanish players visit these domestic sites, foreign online casinos that offer the full monty are still quite popular among them.