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Online daily fantasy sports in Spain

Spanish gambling laws are pretty clear on internet daily fantasy sports: if the act involves placing money, or betting on random or future events, then we must regard it as an act of gambling. If there is cash or giveaway prize to be offered as reward, then we must regard it as an act of gambling. And online daily fantasy sports are exactly that: an act of gambling, according to the gambling laws in Spain.

However, that doesn’t mean anything bad as the Spanish gambling policy is a well-working system, even though it’s restrictive enough. Online daily fantasy sports providers are only allowed to offer their services if they are licensed by the Spanish Gaming Commission. Moreover, all daily fantasy sports sites in Spain must end with a .es in the URL. If the link doesn’t end this way, you can be sure as hell that it’s not too legal to play there from Spain!

Those who regularly play daily fantasy sports in Spain, favour fantasy sports in which the Spaniards are the best in the world. Hence daily fantasy tennis and daily fantasy football are the most popular fantasy sports in Spain, thanks to the outstanding results of Rafa Nadal, the Spanish National football team, and of course FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.