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Bingo in Spain

Gambling is a big deal in Spain. Along with more than 60 large scale casinos, and nearly 300,000 gaming machines, players have access to a staggering 500 bingo halls that are scattered all across the country. Bingo is the second biggest form of gambling in Spain as far as turnover goes – only the nation's lotteries produce more profits. Bingo wasn't always popular, because gambling laws in Spain were strict for a very long time. Once the laws were relaxed bingo in Spain began to flourish.

Bingo is so popular in Spain that in 2004 special regulations had to be put into place. The regulations attempted to control a growing problem of underground bingo halls. There were as many as 200 in the country at the time, generating millions of euros in annual profits. The new regulations also stipulated minimum distance between bingo halls, and a maximum of one bingo hall for every 100,000 people living in the city where the hall is located. These rules help curb the fierce competition among the country's four biggest bingo associations.

An indoors smoking ban caused a temporary decrease in visitor numbers, with many opting for online bingo instead.

Online Bingo in Spain

The online gambling law on gambling that has been in force since June 2012 also allows for the licensing of bingo providers, and 25 of the 44 internet casino operators had purchased the license to offer online bingo games at that time.