Brazilian Congress to Investigate Illegal Gambling Connections

Politicians and criminals in Brazil go hand in hand.

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Another corruption scandal in the Brazilian politics. This involves an investigation the Brazilian Congress initiated in relation to multiple political figures’ involvement with a man known as the Czar of Brazilian Underground Gambling.

One high-ranking Brazilian senator has come under intense pressure to give up the office after the connections with the criminal gambling ring have been exposed. Many other local officials have been dismissed. As is rumored, some money exchanged hands under the table. This was in exchange for the gambling czar’s access to the public contracts in the construction sector.

As Brazilian gambling laws stipulate, only horse betting and lottery are legal in the country. However, regulatory loopholes and the political connections have resulted in arcade games widely available in the Brazilian shops where gambling can be done for real money.

Moreover, while the legal framework doesn’t allow for online casinos in Brazil to get a license, Brazilian players visit many of the offshore Internet casinos.

Given the love of arcade games that permeates the Brazilian society, many gamblers are increasingly seeking ways to play mobile arcade games with their Android or iPhone powered gambling applications. Due to the current regulatory framework, the Internet betting in Brazil is still in legal no-man’s land.

This gives opportunities to illegal betting gangs that attract the players to their casinos where no one checks the cards or dice, and as an outcome, the gamblers are often cheated. On the other hand, the fully licensed and regulated online casinos are checked for fairness of the games offered.

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