Jealous Imam Kills Arcade Business in Malaysia

Imam's anger at youth gambling leads to the killing of arcade games.

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Malaysia seeks to go both ways when it comes to wagering for money under Malaysian gambling laws. On one hand, some gambling is allowed, such as horse betting. Bettors can also buy state lottery tickets. There is even a legal casino there.

However, the Muslims can’t gamble, at least not in the public or Imams’ eye. Many, in order to hide, visit illegal casinos. Few of these cater to those who are looking to bet on sports in Malaysia. This form of activity is unregulated in the country and against the law. Yet, Malaysian love to bet on sports, especially the English Premier League.

This has lead to proliferation of underground sports betting outfits which give the punters access to the Internet sportsbooks as well as online casinos. In response, Malaysian police has raided eleven locations in the recent past, which has resulted in arrests, and confiscation of cash and machinery. In one place alone, 5 people were arrested and more than 40 computers seized.

The arcade games in Malaysia also have faced the regulatory wrath after Imam-influenced legislators ruled them corruptive devices, which badly affect the youth. Thus, in one move, the arcade games have publicly disappeared from the Malaysian shops. As rumored, this move has resulted when one powerful Imam noticed that the youths attended an arcade game parlor instead of doing the Friday prayers. The man called these “terrorist devices.”

The Malaysian youths, however, continue to play, but the mobile arcade games now accessible via smartphones.

While gambling in Kuala Lumpur might result in unpleasant consequences with limited punishment, those caught gambling in remote villages in Aceh Province, face 50 lashes as prescribed by the Sharia Law.

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