British National Lottery Fund Put to Good Use Across the Country

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British lottery is funding various projects and communities across the country in desperate need of cash.

Lotteries are not just a source of income for the government, and a chance for players to become filthy rich suddenly. Lotteries are renowned for donating money to significant local and national projects as well. This is especially true for lotteries held in full compliance with British gambling laws.

And now organizations and projects, which received funding from the British lotteries, will have a chance to get a nation-wide recognition at the upcoming National Lottery Awards 2014.

Chester lottery funding

Chester alone has received over GBP 2 million from the National Lottery last year. 75 grants were awarded across West Cheshire, offering much-needed funding to local sports, arts, heritage and community groups. The main targets of lottery funding were the most vulnerable people.

Lottery funds found their way to a long list of trusts, projects and groups, in a variety of industries of different sizes. One of such examples was Blacon Youth Football Club, which got almost GBP 10,000 to refurbish their clubhouse in order for it to be enjoyed by the whole community.

GBP 9,916 was awarded to Cheshire Community Development Trust, which used the money to create and run workshops for unemployed young people. They were taught IT and other skills in an effort to help them find employment.

A Second World War Remembrance project, D-Day Revisited, received GBP 13,250, which allowed Cheshire veterans take commemorative trips to the places they have served during the war.

National Lottery Awards invitation

National Lottery awards funds to projects and communities in need

• A large portion of National Lottery funding goes to support local communities
• Struggling projects and communities receive money in compliance with British gambling laws
• All beneficiaries will be eligible to participate in the upcoming National Lottery Awards 2014

All these projects and others, who got funds from the lottery, were invited to this year’s National Lottery Awards. Last year’s show presenter, John Barrowman, had the following comments for British gambling news: “National Lottery players raise GBP 33 million every week for a wide range of projects which make a life-changing difference to local communities.”

He went on to add: “The awards are a great way of celebrating their work and the unsung heroes, helping people with National Lottery funding. Everyone in Chester who plays the National Lottery should be proud of the difference their money is making in the local community. If you know of a Lottery-funded organization that deserves to be nominated, we want to hear from you.”

What the National Lottery Awards are all about

There are seven categories in the National Lottery Awards, where each is reflecting an area of Lottery funding: arts, sport, heritage, environment, health; voluntary/charity, and education. The winners in each category will get GBP 2,000 as well as nation-wide recognition at a star-filled event broadcast on BBC One later this year. Entries can be submitted before March 12.

Lottery funds in Henley

Henley community is also a great example of a community, which received a portion from the lottery funding last year. All in all the National Lottery has awarded over GBP 560,000 there to 10 community projects around and in Henley itself.

The grants were given to the same destinations as in Cheshire: sports, heritage, arts, and other community groups. The main principle was again to target the most vulnerable people, where lottery funding can actually make a difference.

The National Lottery funds have reached Henley College among others, which received GBP 64,527 from Sport England. The funds were given to facilitate sports participation for the semi-engaged and disadvantaged people.

Another example of lottery funding in Henley was the Lest We Forget Project, which received GBP 8,200 from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The money is going for three brand new war memorials to be erected in Henley.

Stonor Foundation received over GBP 100,000 from the same fund in order to re-tile and restore the Catholic chapel in Stonor Park. It’s one of the oldest chapels in Britain, with first services can be traced back to 1349.

Lottery funds have also been awarded to Bishopsland Educational Trust in Dunsden, which got GBP 130,000 from Arts Council England to carry out development and consolidation procedures. Another GBP 45,150 was awarded to the trust in order to support its exhibitions and bursaries.

More lottery funds recipients in Henley

Philip Koomen, a well-known furniture maker living in Shiplake, got GBP 9,900 from the local council in order to complete an 18-month study of the nature of creativity. His project is named Ideas In The Making: Researching Creativity. It will result in 40 different ideas for future furniture designs, representing 40 years for his experience as a wood-craftsman.

Sport England has also awarded GBP 109,900 to the Langtree School Academy Trust Company for community sporting facility. Another GBP 10,000 was given by Sport England to Goring Thames Sailing Club, desperately in need of new equipment.

More lottery funding beneficiaries included the Cuxham village hall committee, which got GBP 6,900 to host an exhibition named “1,000 Years of Cuxham History”. Arts Council England also gave the Garsington Opera GBP 10,000 from the lottery funds.

Naturally, Henley projects and communities, who have received lottery funding are eligible for the participation in National Lottery Awards 2014. There’s GBP 2,000 up for grabs as well as nation-wide recognition.

We will be covering the Awards with our daily news, so stay tuned to find out the winners.

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