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The best lottery jackpots are the ones we win. Certainly, that’s how we consider it as players, as ticket buyers. However, in our pell-mell pursuit of riches we can sometimes overlook the other side. No, not losing. We never overlook that. No what we can sometimes lose sight of are the best lottery pay out made from our stake. Numerous good causes benefit from lotteries of the sort found at Lotto Agent. Whether you consider Welsh Football should be one of them is another matter. ... read more

The British government may have to do something about the lottery loophole. Typically, the law prohibits under 18s from gambling in the UK. Unfortunately, this doesn’t extend to lotteries. So UK lottery laws permit over 16s to purchase tickets and participate. This is something MPs and Lords would like to halt. So the operational terms of service for sites like Lotto Agent would change. Indeed if MPs have their way, even the best lottery jackpots will be reserved for adults only. ... read more

It is often said; the best lottery to play is a local lottery. The economics of this are clear. It keeps the money local. Britain has a national lottery, of course, but the good causes benefited by it are typically of a grander scale. Smaller charities and the like require a more localized solution. Fortunately, UK gambling laws allow local authorities to set up lotteries for just this purpose. Carlisle is just the latest example of this, they’ve just established a new community lottery. ... read more

The Balkan State recently charged a Bulgarian gambling czar known as “The Skull” with organizing a crime group, extortion, and attempted bribery. He was charged in absentia, as it appears he fled the country. But just today, 2nd Feb, he was detained in the United Arab Emirates under a European Arrest warrant. ... read more

Lottery Winners Lose Out

The mathematics behind the lottery system in the UK comes under scrutiny after statistical unlikelihood causes problems with prize payouts The odds of ... read more