The sporting event of the year is getting closer every day! Of course, there was the Super Bowl, there was the UEFA Euro 2020, and several other celebrated sports events. However, the king of these happenings is definitely the Olympics! And this year’s games are more special than ever, and not less exciting. So, let us see some odds and predictions on the upcoming Summer Olympics. ... read more

In case you are someone, who is regularly gambling in the US, you probably keep up with the latest legislation of each state. And as such, you might know about the quest Massachusetts has: legalizing sports betting. They have been on for it the past two years, and now it has come closer than it has ever been. Here are the details! ... read more

Sports betting is already so widespread, that you can bet on basically anything. And when we say anything, we do mean that! As such, you can place money on who will be the next ruling party in the US, all the way to which celebrity couple will have a baby together. Not to mention classic sports betting! Thanks to that, you can bet on events like Fish’O’Mania – the winner odds are already available to that! ... read more

When we consider politics, there are several factors to bet on. From betting on the winning party at the next elections to celebrities who might start their parties. Not to mention betting on the color of the tie that certain politicians will wear at their next press conference! However, when it comes to the UK, the most interesting bet is on the next general election – here are the odds! ... read more

The sports betting scene of the United States has been changing a lot in the last couple of years. Ever since they smoothed the legal way for sports wagering, almost all states have been taking steps. And now it is the time for Washington: the governor has just approved tribal sports betting deals in the state, for all gamblers to enjoy! ... read more

Sports wagering has been legal since 2019 in the state of Iowa. Ever since then, there have been ups and downs in the business. The magic of the newest craze brought amazing revenues, but on the other hand, the difficult times of 2020 did not spare this industry either. And now, it looks like the business still has some things to figure out, as sports betting in the Hawkeye State dropped again. ... read more

In the last couple of months, there has been a lot of debate on banning gambling ads during sports games. Be it football, tennis, darts, basketball, American football, or basically any sport. But what kind of results did it have, when it comes to betting ads at the Euros? And why is it such an important topic right now? Let us find out! ... read more

Several businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, and the global airline business is definitely one of them. But it seems like there is a way to solve its ongoing problems! And it is making inflight gambling on airlines a possibility. But how could that go down? And what would that mean to gamblers? let us find out! ... read more

We cannot really say why, but people – and most gamblers – are just thrilled, when it comes to the personal lives of celebrities. Not only rock stars and Hollywood actors, but basically any other famous personas. That including world-famous billionaires, like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates: their marriage predictions are already all around the internet! ... read more

We sometimes use the catchphrase: the future is here. And as long as online gambling is considered, it is quite true. With all the technological advancements and all the changes in the world, we are not wrong to say this. But what does that bring to these widely-used online gambling sites – besides the future itself? ... read more

Let us be honest for a minute: we have all dreamed of winning the lottery. Imagined what we could have done with all the money from traveling to buying the most amazing house and – hopefully – helping out others through charity. But what can we do to actually win? Here are some tips for winning the online lottery! ... read more

If you are a gambler yourself, you must be aware of this: there is an endless possibility of bets to make. You can put money on sports events, on celebrities’ lives, and on politics. And now you can even place bets on Domino’s pizzas in the US! And how is that possible? Here are the details! ... read more

With more and more countries and states opening up to legalized online sports betting, a lot of things are changing. Some changes are inevitable and obvious. But there are some of them we did not see coming. Like how the sports betting sponsors start to show interest in F1. ... read more

It is a great time to form partnerships in the gambling world! It has always had its benefits, but now, as sports betting is becoming more widespread than ever, it is even more beneficial for companies. That is why Betway is onto get some football partners – after many other fields of sports! ... read more

It might come as a surprise or a shock to many, but here it is: a Joe Exotic-themed online slot just went live! We also never thought to give a review about such a game, but the time has come. And if you are interested in this extraordinary gambling form, just keep on reading, to find out everything about it! ... read more

In the past couple of years, we could see that more and more states of the US are up to some changes in their gambling industry. Most of them are onto expanding the wagering possibilities, as they realized its perks. And now it is the state of Ohio to do the same, with its sports betting bill, which has quite special aims. And what are these? Keep on reading to find out! ... read more

One could think that bingo is mainly for elderly women, who are playing every Thursday night in the local country club. But in fact, it is nothing like that! It is a popular gambling form, and many engage with it online. That is why the online casino giant, Pragmatic Play took its live Bingo games to the famous online operator, BetVictor. ... read more

One of the most beloved guilty pleasure shows of the United Kingdom is definitely Love Island. So, it is not that big of a surprise that when the new season’s cast was announced, the country started to buzz. And so did the gambling community, because the show brings a great opportunity to place a bet or two. And believe it or not: the winner odds for Love Island 2021 are already here! ... read more

The Tokyo Olympics is already in a particular position, although it has not even started yet. The event that should have taken place last year, is coming up in the summer of 2021. It means that the world is already more than excited to see what it has to offer. And gamblers are looking forward to special bets on the Tokyo Olympics, so here are some! ... read more

You might know that horse racing is one of the most popular of all gambling forms. This way, there is huge money in the business – which could be used to great things! One of them is unquestionably charity, that is to say, horse racing can help good causes. This is what has been realized by the Betting and Gaming council. Here are the details! ... read more