Have you ever wondered how your favorite betting sites’ logos get on footballers’ t-shirts? Or on the side of tennis courts during great matches? Or on the surface of sports cars in grand races? Well, these are all thanks to sponsorship agreements! And this is the way how 888 became one of the sponsors of the Portuguese Grand Prix. ... read more

We are still left breathless after the excitements of the Golden Globes. Also, we are still on the edge about the upcoming Oscar Gala. But the gala season do not leave us much time to recover: the Primetime Emmy Awards are getting closer as well! So, it is high time to set up our predictions about the winners, for example the best drama actor, for the Emmy Awards. ... read more

The thirteen’s season of America’s most extravagant and most colorful reality competition is coming to an end. And it does not just keep the queer community and the fans of the show thrilled! Bookmakers are also looking forward to the grand finale. And by that, we mean that they already have some odds on the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race! ... read more

There were many things that the past year taught us. One of those is that the online world is something that has more power than ever before. And this is true in the gambling business as well! As for now, it seems like online casinos are stepping up and lure more customers than ever before. And this tendency makes us pose a question: what is the future of online casinos? ... read more

Choosing a new James Bond is always a huge deal for the entertainment business – and bookmakers and gamblers as well. It is a character that has already had some of the greatest actors, and it is a huge honor to be offered to. So, there are already many guesses considering the next one. Right now, it is Rege-Jean Page around whom many James Bond predictions arose. ... read more

In the United States of America, every state has its own legislation and ruling when it comes to gambling. This is why the regulations differ from state to state. While some states have a long history with wagering, some of them are stricter about it. We cannot say that New York is one of the latter, but they surely have some restrictions. This is why it is a big step that gambling supporters made it: mobile sports betting in New York just became legal. ... read more

On 21 January, online sports betting went live in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Right after the launching, more people started to wager than the state could have imagined. So, it might not come as big of a surprise that the first full month of legal gambling was a huge hit. But did anyone expect the Virginia betting revenue to peak this high? Well, probably not. ... read more

Nevada has a long history with gambling. It was the first state to fully legalize and regulate casinos and it is widely known as a renegade state. However, for the last 26 years, they did not have a new casino in the Reno-Sparks area in Nevada. But this is about to change soon thanks to a project that has been in the making for 14 years. ... read more

As we all know, gambling addiction and other relating problems are present and need to be addressed. It is not the gambling operators’, bookies’, or regulating bodies’ fault that people tend to go to extremes when it comes to wagering. But it is their task to cut the harmful tendencies back! And this is what the UK wishes to do with self-exclusion schemes that seem to be working out really well for them. ... read more

Sports betting: it seems to be a phrase that’s meaning is quite clear. But New Jersey’s newest sports betting bill makes you reconsider this statement. The bill says that events like eating contests could be sports events as well! And as such, wagers will be able to place some bets on them! ... read more

The last year has not been easy for any sports team. And as such, it has been rough for one of the most popular teams of Spain, the Real Madrid as well. But they decided to make the best out of the current situation. The difficulties of 2020 coincided with the team’s vision to renovate their stadium. And what is more: the new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will home a casino as well, to benefit casino lovers! ... read more

We know something about gambling revenues for sure: they can peak in one month and fall back to the bottom the next. it is hard to predict how and why they rise or sometimes drop. But if we take one case at a time, we can usually find the motives. Now, we take the Spanish gambling revenue of 2020 and why it showed a remarkable growth last year. ... read more

It is all about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – again. The couple has been on the news since they got together, always for various reasons. Lately, it was their interview with the one and only Oprah Winfrey that caught the attention of the crowd. Ever since their deep and long talk, everyone is posing many questions. One of which is: who is the racist in the Royal Family? Since this has been one of the main issues discussed during the conversation. ... read more

There is probably not a better time to think about harmful gambling than now. March is officially Problem Gambling Awareness Month in the US, and we are just ahead of March Madness. In the spirit of this, the New York Senate passed the problem gambling education bill S4207. ... read more

The Suicide Squad – as one of the most high-grossing films of its release year – got all its fans on the edge, ever since they announced that a sequel part is coming to theatres. Movie and superhero fanatics, just like bookmakers and gamblers are excited all over the world. And The Suicide Squad 2 betting predictions are starting to hit the internet already! ... read more

You cannot really put it into question: the lottery is one of the most beloved forms of gambling. People just love the thrill of buying a piece of paper, point at random – or sometimes well-thought-of – numbers, and by this, have a chance to win a whole load of money. And now, lottery tickets in the UK can be even more popular than ever before! because they are hitting Aldi stores all over the country. ... read more

Unibet have customers all around the world, and the brand is constantly working on making gambling safer, more fun and more fitting for them. Right now, with their newest deal with SIS (Sports Information Services), Unibet aims to give access for numerous gamblers to 24/7 live betting channels. Sounds something you could enjoy, does not it? ... read more

It was last year when the topic of gambling companies’ advertisements on athletes’ shirts first came up. Ever since then we could not hear much from the clubs or the regulators of the field. But now it looks like Premier League is ready to take the first step in connection with banning the gambling shirt sponsorship. ... read more

It is no news that Sex and the City was one of the most groundbreaking and most memorable tv shows starting in the 1990s. As such, it is understandable that fans were all blown away when it became official: the series is returning with a whole new season. Ever since the news hit in, all fans are discussing their predictions concerning Sex and the City. And even their betting odds! ... read more

Women’s History Month is here! To celebrate it, Poker Powher and World College Poker are organizing a tournament exclusively for women. The participants can acquire experience in competition and there are amazing prizes as well. The women-only poker tournament with PokerStars is coming up soon! ... read more