The fact that the gala season is over, does not mean we cannot bet on topics regarding the show business anymore. There are still several anticipated movies, for instance – and we can still place some money on them. Just to make one example: the Neeraj Chopra Biopic special predictions are here! ... read more

If you like sports betting, you are probably aware of this: you can bet on basically anything today! And as such, you could have seen the most various odds on the internet. So, get this, you might not even be surprised: now you can bet on Arnott’s Shapes next flavor – keep on reading to find the odds! ... read more

Krispy Kreme Next collaboration odds According to the odds on 1xBet, the next collaboration of Krispy Kreme will be quite tasty! The frontrunner is Tim Tam, with the odds of 2.5 – that would be full of chocolate surprise! That is also true to the next one, because it is KitKat, with the odds of 4. They can also see a Maltesers collab coming up, and a Milo one as well. They are both at the odds of 8.5. More surprising collaborations would be with Blue Ribbon Ice Cream, with Golden Gaytime, with KFC, Vegemite, and Pringles. They all have the odds above 10, but who knows? You can still put money on your favorite and see how it turns out! ... read more

It does not matter if you have seen Squid Game or you have not: you have most probably heard about it. You might already be rolling your eyes about it because everyone is talking about this particular show. But they have a reason, that is for sure: it is an outstanding series! And as such, the betting sites are also all about it: keep on reading to find some special bets on Squid Game! ... read more

The halftime show at the Super Bowl is almost as anticipated as the game itself: and it will be no different in 2022, so the predictions are already here! They already announced who the start of the show will be. But there are many other aspects to bet on! In case you would like to dig into that, stay with us, and find out everything about the show, the possible betting options, and the odds! ... read more

Everyone likes to spin some slots from time to time because it is pure fun and thrill! But let us admit this: these games tend to become a little bit unanimous after a time. So, developers are trying to find ways to make this ever-exciting, one of their ways is to make fun themes. And this is how we get pig-themed slot machines – see the TOP5 here! ... read more

If you are a G-Zen, or you are into all the crazy, entertaining stuff streaming through the internet, or you just love sports, you certainly know the HoH. But did you also know that you can bet on their Showdowns? Because just saying: you can! See the House of Highlights special predictions and bet on the next one! ... read more

This might come as a surprise, but here it is: today, anti-Superheroes are almost as popular as Superheroes! It is obvious, that fans still love Spider-Man and Batman, but villains are also getting their own movies, just like Black Adam! The Black Adam movie is coming to theaters, and thanks to the special predictions and odds, you can already bet on it! ... read more

You might already know about that, but let us start with this: there is an ongoing lawsuit in the Bitcoin business, since 2018. And the outcome of the issue really got half the world in excitement. Everybody wants to know, how this huge dispute will go down. Some sites even have odds and predictions on the trial results of the Kleiman v Wright case! ... read more

You do not have to be a superhero junkie to know Peter Parker, or that is to say Spider-Man himself. He is unquestionably one of the best-known and most popular superheroes, so it is obvious, that when a new movie (Spider-Man: No Way Home) is on its way, the theories and predictions swamp the internet. ... read more

The marriage odds for Elon Musk were quite obvious so far since he had a girlfriend for a long time. But what now? They broke up, and the whole world is curious: who will be the lucky one to marry the second richest man on the planet? Well, there are already some predictions out there! ... read more

If you like to place some sports bets from time to time, you have probably seen the most various topics one can bet on. From politics through sports, all the way to entertainment: you can choose between all the topics out there. So why not bet on TV Series based on real life? You can for example place bets on the special predictions about the Succession, based on Waystar Royco! ... read more

Betting on Hollywood movies is one of the favorite options in entertainment betting. And it is even more true in the case of superhero movies! These films move incredible amount of fans and wagers all over the world. In case you do not believe us, check this out: there are already special predictions on Shazam! Fury of the Gods, although it is almost 2 years away! ... read more

The MMA fighter is often on the table of bookmakers, not only because of his “official” fights, but also because of celebrity boxing. In the latter case, his next issue could be with the rapper – lately more like a punk-rock musician – Machine Gun Kelly. But what are the odds on a fight between Conor McGregor and MGK? ... read more

Britney, the Princess of Pop has been in the center of attention for decades. Sometimes because of her career, sometimes because of her personal life and the difficulties she was/is facing. However, lately, she has been appearing in the columns even more, so gamblers and bookmakers also noticed. So now, you can already find odds on Britney Spears’ next interview – will it be with Oprah? Let us see the details! ... read more

Let us start with something quite obvious: (almost) everybody likes a Batman movie. There is action, there is romance, there is a thrill, there are super cool characters and technologies – and also: there are several possibilities to make a bet or two! So, right now, as the newest Batman movie is in the foreseeable future, it is time to make some special predictions and bets! ... read more

We have already heard about several magnificent collaborations in the gambling industry. But now it seems like there is a new one to watch out for, as 888 Holdings is creating a Sports Illustrated Sportsbook in the state of Colorado. But how will that look like? And will they only stay in Colorado? We give you all the answers! ... read more