We have barely recognized that 2021 has started, but the end of the year is quite near already. It means many things: the holidays are around the corner, we have to buy Christmas presents, but we also have tons of work. But it is also the time when the Christmas-themed slot machines hit the online world! ... read more

In 2021 we had a couple of great sports events, like the summer Olympics and the Euros 2020. But the world is ready to keep it rolling in 2022! The winter Olympics is coming up, and we cannot wait to see how it turns out: the Olympics special odds and predictions are here to give us a hint! ... read more

When it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, most of the world is curious about what is next. And it is no different now, that Kim has a new boo! We do not know much about them yet, and how they will be holding up. But the special predictions on Kim Kardashian’s relationship give us some thinking to do! ... read more

New Betway Deals in 2021

If you like to gamble online – does not matter if we are talking about poker or sports betting – you have probably heard about Betway. Or even if you are not a gambler, you could have run into it, because the brand is basically everywhere! It is mostly because of the deals it has with several other brands: see some new ones from 2021! ... read more

The Windy City is ready to take the city’s gambling life to a whole new level: they are building a casino resort! We already know the planned opening date, and now we found out about the first five casino proposals in Chicago! Keep on reading, and find out who are the first few operators that would like to get into the Windy City Casino Resort. ... read more

People, who check out sports betting records and revenues must ask this single question: what is going on in Pennsylvania? And we can understand that! The state has set all-time records, and they are so high, that it is just jaw-dropping. But what is behind all this? And how high are we talking? ... read more

We believe that most people dream about winning the lottery. And why would not they? It is an amazing amount of cash that could change anyone’s life. But would that really? Or is there a better way to win a fortune? Well, the winner who won the Lucky for Life Jackpot could give you a new perspective! ... read more

Who is Mike Cannon-Brookes and why do we talk about special bets about him? If you are familiar with the business world, we do not really have to go into details about him. But in case you are not, and you wish to bet on his next move, keep on reading and find out everything you are curious about! ... read more

There are not too many things that people like more than reality shows. But if there is something that might be celebrity competition shows! That is why Strictly Come Dancing is so popular – and that is why we can already see some odds on the possible winner of the 2021 season! ... read more

It does not matter, if you have already gambled in the US, or have not yet: you have probably heard of gambling in The Bayou State anyways, as it is quite popular and notorious. And it is about to get even more popular now that sports betting in Louisiana Casinos are becoming more widespread. ... read more

Santa Claus is coming to town! In case you did not realize this, we have to inform you: Christmas is already around the corner. And we do not just remind you to buy your gifts, we also remind you that you can also bet on this holiday. Place your bet on the official Christmas gift of the year – in fact, the odds are already available! ... read more

Today it seems like you can bet on basically anything – and when we say anything, we really mean it. Now, here is something for economy-junkies: the odds on the top GDP country in 2021! Who will it be? One thing is for sure: there are two contestants. ... read more

Let us face this: the Global Shopping Festival is already the biggest event of today’s consumer society. But we can even top this off with something: by betting on it, and making some money out of it! The special bets on the Global Shopping Festival allow you not to just spend, but to earn with this ‘celebration’. Are you ready for it? ... read more

When it comes to food, there are barely any people who will not get excited. It is enough only to mention the name McDonald’s, your mouth is likely to start watering right away. We like their burgers, their fries, and ice cream, but did you know that you can even bet on the fast-food restaurant chain? Because you can! Check out the special Australian McDonald’s odds and see for yourself! ... read more

You have probably realized this: in the past couple of years, celebrity boxing became more popular than ever. It also means that bigger and bigger names are getting into these lucrative exhibition matches. And as that has been said, it is not too surprising that the Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul fight is about to happen – there are even odds on it! ... read more

It kind of seems like it was just yesterday, when the United States elected Joe Biden to be their president, and when republicans raided the White House. However, we are already drifting to the midterm elections! What is more, you can already find some odds and predictions on the US midterm election, so stay with us, check the odds out and bet! ... read more

On the 18th of October, great news shook the internet: Kourtney Kardashian got engaged! Ever since she and her fiancé, Travis Barker announced it, the social media-driven world is just buzzed. And therefore, it is not that big of a surprise, that the wedding special predictions are also circling around Kourtney Kardashian and Barker. ... read more

Some might think that betting on politics is something that is not too exciting. But in fact, it really is! With all the accessible data and surveys conducted before elections, the predictions are not too forlorn. However, still no one can be sure about the final results. That is why it is worth to ponder over the odds on the Philippines presidential election. ... read more

Green’s Baking is something that all Aussies know and love! Their delicious stuff is all around the country – and you can even spot them abroad in deli shops, if you are lucky. Therefore, their next projects are always anticipated: now you can even bet on them! Keep on reading to find the special bets on Green’s Baking! ... read more