Biggest Casino Wins of All Time – Meet the luckiest!

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  • Here are the biggest casino wins of all time
Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

Whoever gambles in a casino – be it land-based or online – always wishes for the best. For the biggest bonus, the biggest jackpot, the possibly biggest win, but not everyone gets that! In fact, there are very few people who are lucky enough to win a fortune playing in casinos. Now, let us see the biggest casino wins of all time, and the people who could make it!

Why do people gamble? Of course, most of them do it because it is exciting and fun, but it is mostly about the possibility of getting rich, after all. So, when you are spinning some slots or making some bets on online casino sites in the US, you tend to be thinking about the amounts you could win. And there is nothing wrong with that! It is true to most people, even those who could make it. Those, who made the biggest casino wins of all time. But how could they do it? What is their secret? Or more accurately: is there a secret at all? And of course, who are these people? Keep on reading, and find out more about them!

Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

Now, let us give you the list of those lucky lads, who could make the biggest casino wins of all time. Let yourself get a little bit jealous, but in the meantime, watch out for their techniques! It is true, that most of them reached these amazing wins in land-based casinos, but that does not mean, you cannot try the same on online casino sites in the US! So, the next time you are playing on Whamoo Casino, remember what you read here!

Archie Karas, the Poker Genius

He was a Greek immigrant, who moved to the United States, and he was one of the few, who did get the American Dream! At least, for a little while. He was famous for being a poker genius.

He only had 50 dollars, when he started off. And in only slightly more than two years, he made 40 million out of it! That time, he did nothing but play poker in Vegas casinos. This all sounds like a dream come true, is not it? Well, it did not really last, as Karas blew his fortune in only three weeks after he earned it.

The Young Engineer, the Slot Player

The person, whom we usually refer to as the young engineer, had a bit of exceptional luck with slot machines, so one of the biggest casino wins of all time goes to him. There is not really a great explanation why jackpots happened to him frequently, but they surely did. According to the story, once he just went into Excalibur, the famous casino in Las Vegas, put some coins – worth about 100 dollars – into a slot. That was the moment when he won more than 39 million dollars with one spin! This sounds all too good, until you hear, that he managed to bring that amount down to 1.5 million dollars. And he did that in under one year.

The Anonymus, or So-Called Peter

Here is one story, that will probably get you in the mood for some spinning on Whamoo Casino! The story is about a person, who we do not really know the exact name of, everyone just refers to him as Peter. He is living proof that big wins are possible on online casino sites in the US! It was in the early stage of online casinos, that he hit the jackpot big time.

He was playing with progressive jackpots, when once he hit it and managed to win 38 million dollars! We do not know about how he used it, or if he blew it away. But there is something we can take away from this story as well: if you try, you can win, big time!

Elmer Sherwin, the Double-Winner

Can you imagine being so lucky, that you win a jackpot on one of your favorite online slot machines on Whamoo Casino? Also, can you imagine winning it two times? Because this is exactly what happened to Elmer Sherwin, this is why he needs to be mentioned among the biggest casino wins of all time. He just walked into the famous Mirage casino in Las Vegas, and a couple of hours later he won the 4.6 million dollar jackpot! then, 16 years had passed, he probably spent most of his money, and he went back to the very same casino, the very same slot. And he spun it again. That was the time when he won a jackpot again! But this time, he got 21 million dollars out of it.

Amy Nishimura, the Sweet Talker

Did you know, that not only men, but women are also into gambling? In fact, there are some gambling forms that they play more often than men do! And of course, some women just love what men love: simple slot machines. So, there is this particular woman that has to be mentioned among the biggest casino wins of all time.

Biggest Casino Wins of All Time
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Her name is Amy Nishimura, who as well, used to gamble in Fremont Las Vegas. And she had a custom when she was playing: she used to talk sweet things to the slot machines while playing. This might seem nonsense to you, but it looks like that it was working for her: she managed to win 8.9 million dollars on one of these machines!

Beverly Whitten, the Retired Teacher

She was the one to show everyone, that you cannot only big win in Las Vegas! In fact, she was playing in Virginia, in Mountaineer Casino and Resort in 2006. Her game was playing with slots, her lucky one was the so-called Golden Chambers. She has been playing for two hours then when Lady Luck finally smiled at her. She won nearly 4 million dollars with that slot!

Ups and Downs

So, what is there to take away with you from the biggest casino wins of all time? Well, one of the lessons is that you cannot know, when you will finally win: any day might be your lucky day. And another thing is that you should never get giddy with the winnings! That way, you will not end up losing everything that you have been playing for…

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